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Marc such a great. Meyer. College. That's what I called him an empty. Marky, mark. Who's the people? Marky, mark. Yeah. Yeah. I mean because there's also the actual you mean, slim, shake feel it. Yeah. I tell you what Christian you like it is so old school. It's good though trash. Oh, please. Anyway, Juliet Huddy you have a survey here about Americans being unhappy. Well, this is actually let's talk positive Curtis. It's the world happiness reportedly. This is talk radio. We don't talk to us. You know, we can be we can talk positively. So this is the world happiness report. It's just been revealed just been released, and basically what it does is it ranks countries. All around the world. According to six variables. Okay. Income freedom trust healthy life expectancy social support and generosity. And then it calls all the information. And then it spits out the top. Two hundred or whatever it is. Well, I don't know. Whereas Afghanistan Lewis said I'm arise. Is not going to be in the top the anniversary of our involvement in Iraq sixteen years in that the other day seventeen years, Janice, there are one hundred fifty six countries south Sudan is the last. Oh, Afghanistan is the second to last wiz third to Somalia. Malia is well, let's see. Right now, I'll tell you where everybody falls on the list of the things that are sort of sailing into us. Number one on the list is Finland Finland. The fans are happy people. They have their capital has gastronomy central. Well, hold on chicken. That's not who Donald Trump wanted immigrating to our country. He wanted the Norwegian. Hey, that's close enough. The area. Phil. I mean this is Finland Denmark, Norway Iceland, the Netherlands, Switzerland. These are all the countries that the very progressive social Democrats have said we should Mira our shelves after more than we are now. Yes. Yes. Uh Switzerland is six Sweden seven New Zealand eight Canada nine hold on shit. This is an interesting juxtaposition in New Zealand, which just went to that horrible two attacks on the mosques by the same madman getting rid of all the guns forcibly. They're gonna remove people who have gone. Yes, you know, take him right out of their homes, so their places of business and yet Switzerland, which is above them. It's number six was New Zealand is eight the Kiwis everyone in Switzerland has to keep a gun at home has to keep along gun at home because they may be called up for military service at any moment. But they don't seem to have a problem with. Gun violence, either New Zealand or no, no, Switzerland. Yeah. Interestingly Austria is number ten Australia is number eleven Costa Rica, Israel, Luxembourg United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany Belgium. And finally we come in at number nineteen. So why do you think Americans which have so much more than a lot of the folks in these other countries have seemed to be show unhappy in comparison? Well, I think there are quite a few things that would probably fit into that. I think that we have an issue with our leadership. I think that. Well, there's there's obviously an issue between the Republicans and Democrats when it comes to some really important issues like for instance, gun control immigration. We don't seem to be a country on the same page when it comes to that. When it comes to how to treat the poor. It's I think the other we we actually dropped by the way. Would it would not as happy as each other countries is we tend as Americans because we are a melting pot to be far more aggressive, many of the people who immigrated here whether centuries ago or recently, they tend to be the most aggressive of the people who were born in their countries of origin, and it came here. Whether they were here for academic studies business purposes, what just work wanted to set up a business. Well, we attract aggressive people have this excess energy they never satisfy anything, can you can you can achieve whatever you want here in this country. But a big problem has been the opioid epidemic and just addiction in general here in this country example is a big problem you'll go into Europe a four week. Yeah. You starting off in vintage. You know, Patty, Patty, then vanish, and then Amsterdam will you smoke some ropes should dope before you. Come back. Many of them all of those countries. They take the whole month of August show. And they consider it a right of passage. They're not happy unless you're off all of August Americans. Go crazy if they had to take. Yeah. Not all but some Americans go nuts if they had to take the whole month of August. Again. This is this is a living to work country for the most part, I mean, Manhattan beach, you know, is a work to live city or town out in the west coast. But I think for the most part. Yeah, this country is is we we live to work and more aggressive than most individually. Fine ourselves by our careers, and by money, the French the Italian, certainly. They define themselves through through their happiness that they achieved through their family connections. It's it's a whole different. I mean, we fell in love with those countries have a strict caste system, that's very difficult to break out of in our country. You know, you have the very wealthy the old wasps. And then you have the nouveau riche, you know, who can come some hip hop guy. He's worth like a few million dollars. Boom. He's got the money. He's accepted equally. That's that's fairly strong Italy and a strong cash system in France and in each other countries where you just can't break out. But anyway, let's go to our phones. One eight hundred eight four eight WABC, let's go to Jimmy and Staten Island welcomed the Kurdish and Juliet Huddy he on WABC GMT me. Yeah. I am not happy. Everything is so overpriced here the ranch the homes. People do with kids. Yup. Mean my whole my husband's family, my inlaws, they they all are picking up and leaving. They went down to Charlotte, North Carolina and just south of Charlotte. And because it was it was just outrageous. They couldn't afford Jimmy Jimmy. You could do what the yellow vested doing in France. They're all upset he live out in the suburbs and rural areas where the prices are out just out of control and they're like every weekend there like every weekend. Elysee be there. When the yellow vest, come probably. Yeah. We'll be there. I I will if I see them I will. But plan now. Well, I mean because we're we may not be over by the songs, they hang out at the Arctic train on the shot and you see smoke. We're going to go over there. And I'll start Facebook live in it. But I I just want to remind everybody I will be Facebook live in and doing lots of little pre produce report on when she the one eight hundred maybe I'll bring up. WABC Robespierre the Paris. Oh my God. Sal in Brooklyn. Welcome the Kurdish and Juliette here's show. Curson was a pleasure to talk again. All right. My opinion here is with the life stuff or Percival. Juliet. Lexi surprise you at eight thousand nine hundred eighty s. Well. I am a Catholic. I'm just I just don't know a lot about religion. But I'm I'm Catholic a witch. Yes. Most is she'd been through the author so many times you would pick ups. Oh, good. Sal, the one with the six rings? To so many times you would have picked something. Yes. I think that it's about a simple lifestyle in the Netherlands in those areas Iceland Denmark, for example. You know, they should have a simple mobile. It's nobody's doing drive bys the violence. Also, I gotta tell you sow if you go to those countries, it's rare that she people working two jobs to make ends. Yeah. Yeah. You know, they may not be doing well, but they'll just work that one job they'll make it you go to a place like like Venice, for instance, people the Venetians they walked they take their time. They sit over meals they talk they're not all over their funds. I mean, it really is a complete just a dramatic difference. From the way, we are here in the city. I had to get used to not barreling through people when I go to Europe. But you know, if you had to hang out near the canals, you'd be like stung God from the stink. That's so stupid. And it's not true Curtis keeps saying that. WABC? Everyone knows true. Just don't listen to him. Not true. One eight hundred eight four eight nine two two two tables. In the morning here from my pillow. And we are speaking.

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