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Yeah. Like, how do you like it? But PR I like them a lot. I think he's a top twenty four receiver twenty people. Cool. You know, the funny thing is like the guys who have behind him aren't really big names. You know? It's just there's a lot of big names that are resting this week or they're hurt. Yeah. By the neighbors kind of a dumpster fire. Once you get past the top twenty ish. I've got to say this but Odio Beckham as a chance to play right? Is that the that the latest do you really think he's gonna I don't know probably not but sterling shepherd or Jordy Nelson Jordan Pierre I will take shop in non PBR. Both patch. One for for Jamie, number three for Dave. Number one freeze. We've talked a lot about Kansas City running backs. We start Jordy Nelson, Damian Williams PR. Co damian. Okay. Sit Spencer ware start tyreek hill sit. Chris. Conley. Yeah. Okay. And Travis counties start and the chiefs the eighth for Jamie thirteenth for Dave, Jamie. What do you think in here for the chiefs the eighth? I think the raiders had their big emotional win last week in the chiefs are playing for the wanting. Beat up their car all day. They are going to get to the quarterback. They have the second sexually NFL. But Dave Derek cars throwing a pick and ten games. Oh my God. I think you can do better than the chiefs DSP. They're good. They're not great Maya buffalo our final game status. I'm glad you save this one for last atom. It's what I do your stat of the game is this there have been sixteen. I think I gave this on Tuesday. There've been sixteen wide receivers with six to nine targets against the dolphins. That's typically what Zeh Jones has been getting. It might be what Robert Foster get sixteen wide receivers with sixty nine targets against dolphins. Ten of them had either eighty yards or a touchdown. It's not bad. What do you think about this game? Is there anybody in this game? Let's let's do Josh Allen separately other than Josh Allen is or anybody in this game that you're excited about. I have. Mild excitement for Robert Foster and Zeh Jones because of the matchup. What about Lucia McCoy? Or Kenyan Drake. No, no excitement there. I'm excited about the bills DST too. I think they step up. We talked about them already. But I think they have a game, Jamie. Make the case for for Josh Allen. His best game of his career came against the dolphins with thirty two fantasy points through for over two hundred thirty yards. He ran for over a hundred yards. I think you see this dolphin's defense is terrible. They don't want to be here in this game. They're just not good. It's going to be the typical. Let's go into the offseason on a high note for buffalo. I do think it's interesting though, the reports of Adam gates coming back. I think he deserves to come back. Personally. It's one thing. I want to look up when you consider the upside of Josh Allen. The dolphins. I feel like sort of anecdotally, they have a history of being just terrible in buffalo or in New England in a freezing cold game at the end of the season. Like a lot a lot of times. They take advantage of it. When they have a home game at the end of the season. And these teams are coming from cold weather and going to the sweltering heat and humidity, and they're really good in those spots. But there is a chance that the bills believe it or not I think there's a chance of bills crush the dolphins. Yeah. They had that game two years ago when a win for two hundred buffo. That's right. Yeah. That was a weird one. Of course to buffalo guys on the field for that final run. Yeah. There's not supposed to be a big factor. But it's got to be cold. It's thirty four degrees. It'll be interesting to see what the dolphins do defensively with some of the guys have Cameron wake is not a hundred percent if he plays. I think he said it's a free agency exhibiting Howard, if he plays, you know, that will be more impactful for Robert Foster Than's Jones, right? I I, you know, look good spot. Yeah..

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