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It just felt like this is a decision that makes sense because you know like this is sort of how the character is feeling her house. She thinks of herself right. Looks like with the second person dot creates kind of like a convenience distance. Like you're sort of watching yourself from afar you're disoriented so that sort of was a suitable way of like how you might feel when you suddenly like arrived in this in your home country where you haven't been for twenty years and then you know she's the person who season really sure who she is like she sorted feels very uncertain. She houses identity of like. Yes i'm the new volunteer. An yeah so. I think kinda writing outweigh of like referring. Turn those different ways. It was just a decision that just makes sense to me. I just i sort of just trusted my gut. Trust my instinct and using. It turned something about mattias. Well then yeah. And so he is. You know sort of a simple way. Describe human lena's like childhood friend. But i mean calling him like her brother would also be accurate because they they lived together. They grew up together. They were very close. And you know the kind of like revelation of the back story of sort of like how that dynamic came about about how he came to live with. Her family is kind of a key moment in the book. So so we're not going to give that up now. You'll have to read a tantalizing revelation. But yeah and i mean i think it's interesting because sometimes i feel like when people read the book like people think lena's the character who sort of the stand for me. I can understand that because you know like me like she studied literature though. Technically you know. I studied creative writing. But you also we will have an academic background. You know we're both like the same gender but like really like mattias. The character who. I feel like he resembles me more because i think sort of his struggles of just kind of like his his kinda like desire for like privacy in sort of like also the way he he really wants to help people right unlike. That's an instinct. I recognize myself to just sort of like. Oh yeah like..

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