Meaningful Sport With Dr Emily Ryall


Sport in today's episode. We will explore the questions concerning the role of technology and sport. Technologies are not just neutral things or equipment but they can have a significant influence on the values. We ascribe sport and even whether and how we find sport meaningful does technology make sport more inclusive more safe and more fair or can there be some adverse effects as well artists. Some good uses bud uses of technology and very delighted to have dr. emily royal helping us tackle these questions. Today this is the second episode with emily. And if you listen to the first episode already you will know that we have somewhat accidentally ended up discussing some of these issues already. Such as runners obsession with their. Gps will chase and counting steps and and that kind of things. So i'm i'm very excited to learn more about this topic and and hope you ought to to introduce august. Emily's reader in applied philosophy at the university of cross the and she has written extensively philosophical and ethical issues in sport. Welcome to the podcast again. Emily i'm really delighted to have you discussing this topic with me today. Thank you i think. Last time it was quite interesting the discussions that we are delving delving on in terms of technology and how it's so common and we have various types of technologies in sport. Helping us helping us do that. And as critical scholars point thou- technologies not just kind of neutral equipment the neutral aids but can also change our relationship with sport. Perhaps we can start exploring that the little bit and you can share us a bit about your own thinking and and what kind of work you have done in this area. Thanks i mean. I'm fascinated by technology and sport. I think sport is inherently a technological. And i always tend to steal some of my classes by asking students to think of a spore that doesn't require any technology and they usually get stumped had one. I had one suggestion wants of arm. Wrestling doesn't involve any technology. But i suppose if you think about the tabo that's required to all so then that could be considered a full technology so it's really hard to thing. Cassini that doesn't use technology even is most kind of basic so even even cut a running you. You'd think about the technology of footwear. I think oto certainly thinking about sports rather than exercise so you can you could in theory run a in bare feet in naked But the only way that you could judges to you know you time will distance would be using a a a measuring device or a stop watch so sport as a competitive exercise requires some forward technology. And i and. I think that's going to start with a question about well. What you mean by technology because i said earlier i said what you think of the table that used an arm wrestling. That's to form of technology Technology self exposes quite difficult to define. So you can. You can think of technologies komo things artifacts That help you or neighbor you to do something So that things the have specifically designed to solve a particular problems and normally let me think about technology we think about core advanced technology but actually technology can be very basic so it can be using a stick to push abboud around So technology count encompass a whole of wide range of of different types of things I think is also. I quite like thinking of technology. As was kind of attitude that we have towards the world and As a as a philosopher martin heidecker and he talked about the technological attitude and that's to me it's kind of an inherently human wave thinking about the road. It's a way of looking around us and looking at things in the world. and how can we. How can we use them for a benefit. So i think as humans were inherently technological creatures because of the way that we we view our the way that we look at our world the way that we divide up into different elements that can be used for our purposes. So i quite like the way of thinking about technology is an attitude as well as some artifacts or stuff that we can touch and hold. You mentioned a work

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