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What led you to the philippines. Read because now again you talked about how being what. What's the path between the rich and king and how you can be both. But how did you get into the philippines. And what was it like. Where lou debt demon still exist in you a laundry ownership when you got here or did you go to a different path. Where i would say that to phoenix. Bring me in the Number one at that time. I just sold the company so i had some Some founds a. I mean to try something else and the second thing is love their hero. Miwa whenever i mean she's still a filipina dina and we were living in france. Then at the time you know. The cold temperature the legendary friendliness of the france. She's so you know she. She was not as happy as we were looking. Maybe for a an opportunity to go back in as yet to be transparent at first we thought about singapore tried and didn't like didn't like actually the the people. It was like paris in a way. No guy wants mile. No one is very friendly and Beside from a business perspective i was not super flash of the fact that the local market is as close to nowhere. So when you build something you really have to be image at reached out and the south as is not like europe in europe. There's a lot of common disposition among all the countries plus is no border policy in all of that. So whatever you are building you just have to translate in bats figure in the news In yet it's different. I mean phoebe dino and the korean get name is our in indonesian. it's supercomputer it's day or night. It's much more complicated to be a but their culture is still different. You're the one. That's coming from an asian so it's all good. I got away with that to. Yeah exactly does the thing. So i was not super excited and i used to go in the philippine quite often because of my wife i knew the on shell of the country i knew the people and i mean not all for will say that but if you know how to how to adapt yourself how you get work and build great team. We've we've we've defeated beano so we said okay. Let's try philippines. Definitely you will be happier. And i think it's a road that's how we ended in the vp sexually. Got it and why booster why why did digital agency. We'll what what what's in it. Because that's also a very cutthroat environment with your competitors those jill vs there's all these guys who's been there forever. How did you carve out. A path eventually led to an exit. So it's very funny Story so you remember. I told you when i left my parents. I image that some businesses in one of the business was jesse agency grow grow grow in became actually quite big. And that's the business sold before leading friends actually and We wear the first issue agency in france meeting talking again about a time. The millennial don't even know what it is that there was no agencies specialize in digital at the time it was agency who was doing everything. And you know you would not ask your baker to give you meet you go to the butcher for me right..

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