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A ban on high powered guns one week after a Nashville school shooter killed 9 people, police now say that the shooting was months in the planning. Florida governor Ron DeSantis signs a bill that will allow residents of his state to carry concealed guns without a permit. Chelsea Jones says the new law takes effect July 1st. And you want to conceal Kerry, you can do that without having to take firearms training or get a background check. But what you will need is an ID if a member of law enforcement asks you to present that and ask you if you're carrying a firearm. Now, if you wanted to purchase a gun, the rules there from a licensed dealer will likely require you to get a background check and then wait for three day waiting period. However, the same would not apply for, say, a private transaction. Traffic deaths are on the rise nationwide as CBS News correspondent cami McCormick reports. The national highway safety administration says there's been a more than 10% increase in traffic devs, nearly 43,000 people died in 2021. That's the highest number in 16 years. Most are due to speeding impaired or distracted driving. The number of pedestrians killed is also up 13%. Underway this hour in Houston, the NCAA men's basketball championship final. That's between San Diego state and UConn. On Wall Street, the Dow closed up 327 points. This is CBS next streamline how you hire with indeed their powerful hiring platform makes it easy to attract, interview and hire candidates all in the same place, visit indeed dot com slash credit. 9 O three here on WTO Monday evening, April 3rd, 2023, Reagan national at 64, we are down to the 40s late. Good evening I have Dimitri sodas from the top local stories we're following this hour. Breaking news on WTO. The search for Roy McGrath is over multiple news outlets are telling us that the one time top aid to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan was found in Tennessee. He'd been considered a fugitive after skipping out on a court date last month in Baltimore. The Baltimore sun reports that he shot himself and his condition is unclear now. McGrath briefly served as chief of staff to then governor Hogan. He resigned after he was accused of falsifying records tied to a massive severance package from a previous government job. It was worth more than a quarter $1 million. Nobody had reported seeing him since he went missing, march 13th. He missed that court hearing that day. The FBI and U.S. Marshals service each had offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest. Again, the breaking news, the search for Roy McGrath, a one time top aide to former Maryland governor Larry Hogan, Roy McGrath, has been found tonight in Tennessee. Stay with us for more details. New tonight as well. The autopsy report is now out on 28 year old ivo otieno, the black man's death last month at a Virginia mental health facility south of Richmond, has sparked outrage, it's led to second degree murder charges against ten people, including 7 sheriff's deputies. The medical examiner's report shows otieno died of positional and mechanical asphyxia with restraints. The report says the manner of death was homicide. Otieno struggled with mental illness, he died on March 6th after he was pinned to the floor while being admitted to central state hospital and Dinwiddie county, a long video of this struggle between all of those ten suspects and otieno, is available now. It was released earlier. A 31 year old woman visiting D.C. from Harrisonburg, Virginia, was preparing to go to a concert, prosecutors say she never made it. She was killed in her motel room in northeast. Today, the man charged in her killing has pleaded not guilty. WTO's Meghan clarity is reporting the suspect was found in the woman's hotel room, a warning first, this graphic report is disturbing. 31 year old Christie Bautista checked into the ivy city hotel just before 6 p.m. Friday and moved her Honda civic in front of the door to her room, but less than an hour later, prosecutors say 43 year old George Sid nor riding his bike past her room stopped, listened to the door and pushed it open, charging documents say a man in the motel parking lot saw Batista struggle to open the door and call for help before she was pulled back inside. He called 9-1-1, but police say when they arrived, they found the 31 year old dead covered in blood and Sydney in the room trying to light a cigarette, a medical examiner found Bautista had broken ribs, a punctured spine, and was stabbed 30 times. Her family who live in Arlington tell NBC four, she was in town to see a concert. Meghan cloherty to be TOP news. A Tennessee woman is under arrest and charged with kidnapping her 8 year old granddaughter from Gaithersburg, 41 year old Carla Martinez of Springfield, Tennessee, was arrested Thursday, and is waiting to be extradited to Montgomery county. 8 year old Miriam Garcia was found safe and unharmed and has been reunited with her family. Police say the abduction happened on March 25th, the day the girl had last been seen outside her house on Marshall street in Gaithersburg. Martinez and Garcia were found in a parking lot in Springfield, Tennessee last week with Martinez later arrested. Turning next to a lawsuit, filed by the Virginia teacher who was shot by her 6 year old student. Abby's Warner is suing the Newport News school board. Some school officials and the ex superintendent, who was fired after the shooting. This happened in early January. He's Werner was shot in the hand and chest as she sat at a reading table in her classroom. She spent nearly two weeks in the hospital and has had four surgeries since. Her $40 million lawsuit accuses school officials of ignoring multiple warnings on the day of the shooting that the boy had a gun and was in a violent mood. She asked news legal analyst Dane Rosenbaum tells WTO the lawsuit is an issue of gross negligence. I think in this case, they're really talking about her employers. The obligation that her employers had to keep her safe in a situation like this, but you know, it's such a horrendous story. The child is so young, you can't prosecute their child. You can't punish the child. The idea is that he doesn't even know the significance of what it meant to have a gun in his hand. The Newport News school board says in a statement to WTO it is waiting to receive the legal documents in this suit. It adds our thoughts and prayers remain with Abby's Werner and her ongoing recovery. And the board says it's working with the community to address safety and security student behavior and family engagement. Are the people in the cars and SUVs around you tonight paying attention, distracted driving

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