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This wall is great, quote his Abe Lincoln's house divided against the self cannot stand. We have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Joe Biden is a dummy, Joe Biden is Joe Biden is a dummy dummy, go Biden is a dummy, Joe Biden is a dummy, dummy iovine is a dummy protesters in the street in Hong Kong trying to save their autonomy from China. Good luck with that. It ain't gonna happen. A matter of time. The British signed your death warrant when they were pressured by the Carter administration as I recall to end and the. Evil colonialism of the western world trying to own the eastern world. They signed the death warrant of liberty by returning Hong Kong to the Chinese way to go way to do the right thing. And so as we've mentioned, Hong Kong is all their bookstores have been closed over the years by mainland China, you can't get any information out in Hong Kong, very easily. That sounds kind of judicial what you're saying. The bookstore owner said they had tax problems. Yeah, we're talking disappeared a little bit. What are you going to just disappear? Forget about it or we don't know where he is somewhere or if you're in a standalone building building, would be declared a non inhabitable bulldozed. Right. That sort of thing you do when you're a China, we'll at least the Brits in their common law in their rights are out of there, finally, and they're protesting in the streets today, and the very Porter's layer, live from various news outlets showing police fired tear gas and lining up with clubs and the usual thing you see if so if that's going to go, you know, I want to get into the agreement with Mexico thing. The thanks for that one. So I changed from different parts of the country from the over by China to Mexico with that musical background now. See we've moved over here. I was just going to say, why don't we do that next segment because we have a little time in the next segment, but I will tell you this. And this is this is not. Nom, going to Washington DC now. Okay. So what do you have for me? I don't know. From you. Oh, the national anthem or John Souza. By the way, something I meant to get this clip and play for you, because I thought it was so good. Did have you seen up in Toronto during the NBA finals, the Canadian singing their national anthem? No kin awesome. Really how so the celebrity that they get the to, to sing their national anthems things like the first five words and then hold out the Mike and the crowd sings all of the rest. Nice standing up bellowing their national anthem. You can't even get there. Lot of people in the United States at won't even stand for national. Listen, which is the same as white nationalism. I keep reading, and that's the alright, which is the same as the clan. So singing your anthems, the same as being in the clan, according to lefty media. I thought that was really cool that they've got that level of cohesion about their national anthem that they're all standing up bellowing loudly. And looking really happy about it right for you. Can't was really cool. Part of it is, it's a single song, and ours is the words are difficult to remember. You'll see that's very more single thankful anthem. Yeah. It's, it's a catchy to thank you. Get somebody who can come up with the catchy hooks and stuff like that when you're pop sensations are Anna grenade or somebody like Justin Timberlake. Yeah, Justin Timberlake, Iran, and we can all sing. Maybe it would help a little bit. But he was very cool. That's nice. Oh, there he is. Who that chap saying, like five words? Trump. Drink. You could get in a lot of places in the United play. I heard the Canadian national total washing. Yeah. Again..

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