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That. The first six years that I was doing standup I was clean up until like four years ago and I got so many compliments I still get them from people who are like. It's so great that you are not saying vagina every two minutes And that's even now where like swear and I'll do sex jokes and again it's the round face thing but like people really they gave you so much credit for being really clean and you start to get addicted to that and it also is like you want your parent's approval wrapped up today. I could never get that no matter. What D- nearby he neither now but once I once I started like swearing telling sex jokes I was like I mean you're never. You're never going to be what everybody likes. What's what's the point like. Why am I trying so hard? Yeah but I really resisted it for a long time because I was like I mean I did. You were also twenty. Yeah why did I barely league? I was very I was very young. I think if you just because you're twenty six So if you when you started if you were doing sexual it would be different because like wait. How old is she went on with this? It's a different thing to picture as well you know. I think that we have to understand that when we do stand up. We're asking people to were painting a picture for people to visualize us and I feel like it might make people lean out a little bit to be like. She's so young. Why am I thinking about that? And then it brings up their own per vis stuff and shame and whatever right I also know about me. I looked sixty when I was twenty. So no one. It's also funny to me because I think I realized that in the beginning I was so worried that exuding any kind of femininity or sexuality that like maybe the women in the audience think I was trying to take their man or whatever like I don't want anyone to get you know weird or just to bring up any insecurities when I is it. Not of the women cared or competitive. That was my shit that was meeting insecure. Because when I was younger I was so worried that the guys I was dating if they looked at any other woman. I thought they were like cheating on me like I. I didn't understand that men could find other women attractive and not cheat or it wasn't an rejection of me. I was so naive. I thought men had to have blinders on and every woman was a threat to me when I was insecure. So that was my shit all the women were like. We look great you. You'RE GONNA fall and I was just like you guys. I'm really. I'm trying not to hurt you by looking too feminine. They're like we're fine. We're okay you'RE IN LA five. You know what I mean. We dressed up to eight to break. Do not threatened by you at all wearing a backpack. You know what I think. Oh you know what I will say though. Even if people don't feel threatened by you I do feel like if any comedian looks like they are trying super hard I turn off to people just staying and I do feel like part of it is just it. A lot of it is coming from your own stuff like if I leave my hair down. Yeah yeah it never happens like I just did the tonight show to promote the special and the lovely my hair makeup like leave it down. It looks amazing and the set went fine but I had a full blown panic attack when it came out just like what was I thinking? Leaving my hair down. I was not in the pocket. Like it's a fine set but it would have been so much better if my hair ruina ponytail. Because it's so interesting to me that people don't know that stand up sport. It's not a model incompetent. It's a sport so it's like you're moving around. You're turning you're putting and you have to. Just do whatever you normally do so if you always wear your hair down on stage when you do your tonight. Sugar Special. We're here now because you're used to it. Whatever I would advise against it for continuity issues. But that's just me but don't do something for the first time when you're recording it. Yeah you know and I. It drives me nuts. 'cause. I've fallen in that chapter and I did it in my. Hbo Special Where Your Hair Down? I was like all right and I was thinking about it the entire time. I didn't realize how much I bent over. I've got lip gloss in my hair and my lip glass. It was like I was like it was just so dumb and I regret it so profoundly. Yeah I mean a five minute late night said Yeah. You're trying to stay still anyway. That's very distracting. If you're pacing so for me I was like okay. Yeah for my special. It was not even a question. Yeah yeah like to be trying to do physical. Act Out any other jobs where women have to think about this. That are in sports about whether your hair can be up or down. I guess like medical stuff. You probably shouldn't be a surgeon with. I don't think any surgeon going in like I shout great today. Do I have to put it up chefs making your food like but it looks so cute. Yeah it's not a question having a good hair day. I was so stoked when I saw birds of prey. Did you see birds of prey? Oh haven't there's a a fight scene where somebody hands another girl a hair tied. So they're fighting. That's really funny. I was after I saw a captain marvel. Yup I literally tweeted. Can we give some of these female superheroes hair because this is ridiculous? Who would be fighting aliens and Shit? I was their hair now. I just learned the difference between US between them with hope rage when my age is you said the movie you thought Captain Marvel. I felt the room. So yeah the room. She's in captain. Marvel territory I'm in. I'm in quarantine. We've all been in the room for the past fourteen thing about. I watched the room. I'm like Alex Fun. At least she has a kid in there with her. Goodman is hanging out in the hallway as part of you been like I should have had a kid. No I've been like I'll never have a kid. Now What's interesting is I did think like five days ago I was like oh I should probably get pregnant. Nats I never mind. I don't have time not working because I was like. Oh everything is probably gonna be like six to nine months. And I'm I can just bang out a kid like now it'd be the perfect time and you're just going to hope. The hospitals are fine by. You could do a home birth. I can do a home birth. I could do a tub birth but the problem is I would need a sperm in China. It's just hard to arrange From six feet away I mean if they if they quarantined for fourteen days and they definitely don't have it and they come here and I'd trust that's done that. Is Your Boyfriend Awkward? So and that's how we're going to be making money. Are you gonNA take one for the six months? We're going to be loaning him out for breeding. Let's see how supportive of other female comics rally are. Let's see if you're a girl girl Taylor. Can I fuck your boyfriend? Got Nine months is on you. Indecent proposal how much seriously how much if you if you had but a doll how much money for me to have sex with Sam your let me. How much short wouldn't be weird? Give me give me one more month. And let's see how much work gets canceled. And let me ask him if he's cool. I am you give me a month I need. I need a break your mom. How long have you been together? Six months it I would say three or four times a day I think about couples that have been have been together for six months in quarantine. Yeah and I'm curious how it's going because you're learning. The rubber is hitting the road. I mean here's the thing. We have been long distance. New York to Los Angeles since we started seeing each other So we got close really fast right right because you're spending so much time on the phone on face so pro long distance because the sex doesn't confuse things you can get to know each other. Yeah absolutely I mean the second night we talked on the phone. We talked for seven hours. We were on the phone from midnight to seven the more. What is your phone plan? I choose this it was. I didn't go but my bank account went down. And so we've just been going back and forth and so honestly this has been kind of great for us which you say. Yeah we've been waiting. Never mind the bodies in the streets but no we. We have never gotten to live with each other longer than like five days in a row and we get along very well and we're just like best friends so it's been great for us to the point where we feel very guilty slowed there any red flags with him that have since been deactivated before quarantine. Yeah like was there anything. That was like I don't know about that and then you're like I can live with it or anything you know I. I don't know I have gotten really good at letting things go because you have to. You know like that is actually like the most fucking bad has gotten really good at letting things go because you kind of have to. Yeah I mean. There's no other choice at this point. I assume this is probably what it was like for our grandparents who got married. That's right in the forties at twelve. Yeah where you made a choice and then it was like I had not leave you and then you had two options. It was like this guy or this guy. Yeah this guy I think is my distant cousin. So let's go with this guy right exactly and I don't have any money. Where am I going to go? Yeah I literally this. Is this a real thing that happened the other day I woke up and I said I had a nightmare that you cheated on me? And he goes couldn't even happen right now. He's like that is impossible. What the fuck. That's not why you that's what you say that while you're not cheating. I'm like because we're in lockdown. I've tried it's just it's a whole thing. I'm scared of germs. I would never stick it in anyone. That wasn't you because I don't know where they've been me. He was like obviously no. I would never cheat on you. But he's like I'm just saying like it. Yeah doesn't help. I was like is very funny but also I was like how dare you. This is ridiculous. There's also like I met this girl. I think I fell in love with her. She's got a lot of toilet paper right. She's not a closer with. How does you also I am sorry? I said how dare you and made you think about touring. I don't even remember. I really apologize. How dare you? I totally have gone numb. I didn't hear it. I blocked it out. I must've blocked it out. I didn't hear you saying. Can you remember how it feels doing? Standup no neither cannot forgot. I completely forgot what's so funny about this. Is that when Comedians go back to turing? We're going to be bad so bad. It could be bad at comedy bet. Comedy Rusty comedy is like body building. You have to work out every single day Were we're going to be rusty? We're going to not have done comedy for a year. We're going to reemerge dad jokes but everybody's going to be so starved for nights out. I think that they're going to be far will be lower. We're you know is going to be going to see a youtuber. Live like we're just got. We saw them. Here's the good news. You guys won't be breathing on each other because we won't be making you. You don't have to worry about spreading the virus because your mouth will be closed the whole show maybe laughing into my elbow. I didn't maybe we're foreign parring it so we are..

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