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The lawless davis at the track at the wall and it's gone into that jet stream so rytas center field and td glorious blast the yankees in front of the i it's three to nothing seventeenth of the season for bath you going for new york going up against his former club giving one back to jose ramirez ramirez swings and skies one deep to left field back goes gardner at the track at the wall it's gone into the third row on birt's forty nine for jose ramirez and he gets the indians on the board the first it's three to one new york twenty nine th of the season tie jd martinez for the major league lead ramirez in fact i'm paste eight fifty home runs as cleveland would add a run in the third make it three to fast forward to the sixth inning aaron boone ojected as yankee skipper for the second time this season but the yankees offense they add some added insurance to one is lifted high the air deep to right field geyer at the track looks up watches it go greg bird with this eighth whole run of the season answers right back and it's forty two yankees the six as for sobat yeah he retired at one point a season high ten in a row but his defense letting them down guy or is it the third and our backs up stairs it stands up throws the forest throws wide what run stores slides this game it was four four but meanwhile club injure let down by his defense in the seventh in our turning point of the game i pitch to austin role mine is swung on and lifted towards right field a deep on the move it's guy or that will bounce between heaven davis what hop to the wall austin role on cruises with a double now he takes the turnaround second on his way to third oh slided safely the throw gets away from the third baseman ramirez backed up like levinger and now austin robot is going to be awarded full plate of that era pro and it's five to four yankees of the aggressive base running and or defense by new york and are turning point brought to you by liberty mutual insurance you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you liberty mutual insurance.

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