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But in terms of rumble in the jungle considered one of the most important sporting events at twentieth century why that was long run there's a lot of big events but they don't always hold up so you have this huge audience for a championship fight that was like incredible new yet one shot and was able to accomplish was huge Ali's rope would finish was the key to his victory he let himself get backed up against the ropes then used his arms to block as many a former punches as he could once foreman was worn out polly Mehta's move we'll get into rope would open a few minutes but just no it was all about outsmarting his younger President Mohammad Ali dancing around the national anthem is this outspoken black Muslim I think there were a lot of Muslims around the world who sort of took ownership of him in some ways you know like he's one of us and I just remember as a kid the idea of sort of giving the middle finger to colonialism and the oppression they not going and fighting in Vietnam why should I go and fight the white man's war what have they done for me as a black American so I think there was a real resonance about this fight being Africa of all places right I think if it had been in America I don't think it would have had the same impact sure right yeah the international we'll talk more about how Muhammad Ali one over the country of Zaire with someone who watched it up close legendary reporter Jerry Izenberg.

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