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Minority people are still under more scrutiny you know in a lot of places then yeah i don't know so i think that it raises all over the cannabis as you from the very beginning like the word marijuana has very racist roots for example william randolph hearst propagated the term marijuana because at the time there was sentiment against mexicans in the united states and her state that is gone now so i'm just kidding but yeah and that's when the word marijuana was going so when you see all these laws being written using the word marijuana preferred word is cannabis right right you know world out there but you know that's marijuana oh it's scare the only scary mexicans are bringing this across the border so again thankfully faithfully that like we just no longer and folk today remember we saw racism and everything became star trek oh it wasn't here's a question though because it's a thing that has been coming up a lot on this podcast in terms of off in the entertainment industry which is like because in the entertainment industry you're seeing a thing where a lot of not a lot but what social change is happening is driven often by money you know so it's like you know yes on some level everyone involved in say black panther is super happy to make like a you know a artistic statement about black culture or african power or things like that like african greatness but there's also this is excellent black excellence i wanted to quote my old phrase.

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