Not Cut Out for This

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Pimping if you've ever been to medical school a word you've heard before i don't love the word and i'm not sure i love the practice but sometimes i wonder. Is there a better way to assess where our learners stand. This is the knock strenous stories from the world of medicine. I'm emily silverman on today's episode. Latham chap tells us how. She responded when her attending told her that she wasn't cut out to be a doctor. After the story lava talk more about pimping. She said she's had teams who see it. As a way to support learning and growth. And then i've also had the opposite where tend to give an residents. Really use it as a lipsey. Exactly how much you know. And how much i can poke you until you break down. But first here's lava first. Clerkship in medical school was pediatrics. I was fresh out of my step. One study period full of enthusiasm and excitement. Ready to blow everyone away. Become the next os. Lers stimson medical revolutionary. And then the pimping began for those of you. Who aren't in medicine. Pimping is this affectionate term. We use when attending residents grill. The rest of the team usually the medical students with questions about relevant topics. There were at least three of us on the service. All of whom happened to be reserved. People but i probably spoke up. The least we were on rounds on what must have been my fifth day in the attending. Who had yet to acknowledge. My presence directly finally looked at me. What does the pathophysiology behind. This patient's presentation of my voice was barely above a whisper. Yawns past seasons changed the attending grew. Tired of my headlight shaped is and moved on. It's not that i didn't know the answer. Anyone who's experienced the frankly unnecessary rigor of studying for the step. One exam knows that. I likely could have recalled far more of the pathophysiology than the attending had bargained for but it was my first time being directly pimped and i was intimidated for the rest of the clerkship. I didn't really raise my hand or answer. Questions didn't volunteer my opinions on patient plans. I figured my goal wasn't to show off. It was to demonstrate my dedication through the time i spent with my patients. My notes my thorough presentations. So i found myself in clerkship feedback and that same attending turn to me for his assessment. You seem to lack a basic level of confidence if you pursue medicine. It likely won't be in a very competitive specialty. Although i suggest that you pursue a different career path entirely your personality won't serve you here. Delivered in his harsh objective tone and eastern european accent. I felt my breath catch in my chest more with every word. I left his office. Feeling sick i cried that night in being quiet and unassuming. I'd been perceived as lacking confidence.

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