Hurricane Delta Live Update


News Special Report. Hurricane Delta now has 90 mile per hour winds downgraded to a Category one hurricane in the last 30 minutes, but strong done the lest CBS News meteorologist David Parkinson says the effects will be felt into the weekend. Not only is there going to be storm surge tonight, but even as the storm has passed, you're still gonna be getting more things pushing. Uh, the water up in through the bayou system says some of the worst storm surge may not be seen until Saturday morning Correspondent Maria Aerials in Lake Charles and says for that area, it's a 12 punch. Given Hurricane Laura bubbling through not long ago, they still have sitting around from Hurricane Laura, which hit roughly six weeks ago. The issue also has has become become they they have have 6000 6000 homes homes right right now, now, with with blue blue tarps tarps on on them. them. Which Which more more than than likely likely will will be be blown blown off. off. As As the the wind wind gusts gusts continue continue to to increase. increase. The The Texas Texas coast coast is is also also getting getting hit. hit. Some Some 66,000 66,000 customers customers are are without without power. power. Their Their CBS CBS News News special special report report on on that that Piper's Piper's Go Go live live to to Lake Lake Charles, Charles, Louisiana Louisiana tonight tonight where where we just heard a little bit from the special report. Steve Dresner with W T O p Live with us, Steve. What can you add to the report? As far as damage already done there in Lake Charles, and now you may have more Well, that's true, Dimitri. Let me update the figures and actually, yo, about three minutes ago. My power totally went out here in the hotel. I would be careful not to walk around. I do come inside for a bit of safety reasons, because at one point we did have 94 95 mile per hour gusts. The hotel here at the Golden Nugget did have generators in an elevator power. But now we're totally in the dark. What I can tell you is the updated figures for power outages for The entire state of Louisiana were just over 92,000 in the state without power in Texas were just over 100,000 people without power and I'll parrot down just a little bit as Faras, the late Charles area looking at about 29,000 people without power, so the conditions still are not good. We're blowing rain, horizontal rain. There are plenty of people the hotel but right now we're completely without power in this area. What storm Surge concerns do you have there? Right now. Things have been OK. The storm surges you heard in the CBS report. Is there keeping an eye on things, but no, no horrible flooding, so to speak, And you also heard on the CBS report. Folks around here are still for the most part recovering from Laura. Um, so it is a 12 punch. As far as getting through tonight and bringing you up to current situation. Once this kind of moves North North east and we're on the West side. Things will calm down, hopefully in the next hour But we're still the only with some tough conditions. Power outages, Dmitri allotted debris on the road ways You can't even go on any of the neighborhood street side streets. One of our technicians from one, the Power line Cos told us They have pulls down in a lot of these areas, so really, wherever you are right now is this storm hits? That's where you're staying for a while. I really cannot go anywhere. We're not isolated, You know, as Faras roads are concerned, but it's just because of debris and, of course again. No power no worse staying put here. Steve of just a final thought about anything unusual. Anything else unusual You've seen because debris on the roads that's pretty bad. It is pretty bad. Dimitri and again is I said before, folks around here are still recovering from Laura. Um, you heard on the CBS report Blue tarps every word, but you asked me about things that are unusual. I think this is the positive. I will tell you that many more people evacuated the area song What happened in Laura? And they did learn their lessons. Because is a city Sean in Hillary earlier today, I've not seen a long line of traffic on westbound I 10. I used the example like on Route 29 from Howard County to Montgomery County, Dmitri 47 Miles bumper to bumper traffic. Folks evacuating, so I think you can take a positive that a lot of people left the area. We really appreciate the update. Steve, stay safe there and we'll talk to you soon. Thanks, Dimitri. That's Steve Dresner. With W. T O p live on Skype from Lake Charles, Louisiana, he says just minutes before he came on the air. The hotel he's staying at has lost power. Certainly a common theme for that whole region For the next few days, at least.

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