New poll shows COVID-19 had major impact on most Philadelphia residents


Than half of us in Philadelphia knows someone who tested positive for covert 19 nearly a quarter know someone who died from the virus. Those were among the new findings in a new survey from the Pew Trusts Philadelphia Research Project. As we hear from our city Hall bureau chief Pat Lobe. The polls sought to measure the pandemics impact on Philadelphians and found it was extensive 90% of City residents say it's had an impact. Two thirds describe it as a major impact, almost half have faced financial challenges from falling behind on bills to having trouble paying for food or medicine. Senior adviser Larry Ical says it confirms what other studies have shown. A lot of the impacts have been felt more heavily by black and Hispanic softens. The poll also Explored police community relations to get a read on opinions about defunding the police a phrase open to interpretation. It asked whether the police force should be reduced. Only 14% of Philadelphians want a smaller police force Only 6% of blacks, one of smaller, the mayor's policy director, Ma reporter says the pole affirms the city's efforts to support residents with food and housing assistance. There's nothing we think immediately we need to do differently. I think we just need to do more all the

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