Adobe MAX! The Creativity Conference


Welcome back to another episode of this week in photo I'm your host Frederik van Johnson Today on the show we're talking to some folks from Adobe about. A little show called Max that they put on from year to year. The lot of people in the creative industry look forward to kind of like Mac, nerds look forward to macworld. The creatives look forward to Max because it's kind of the latest greatest it's coming out of adobe innovations. And just sort of a shot in the arm creativity wise of what's happening in the creative world. Obviously. This year is a little bit different, and Max is a little bit different They're pivoting. These were pivots overused this year but they've they've restructured the conference into some more of a virtual offering and I want to get to the bottom of it. I want to understand is it better? Is it? You know what's better than being full on physical is virtual virtual allow more people to attend a you know, what are we giving up going virtual? So all those things we're going to answer. So Britney miscarrying Katrina ice men. Are, here to talk about the stuff, we're also going to dive into if we have time into some topics around light room in understand light room workflows in that cool stuff. So welcome to the show guys how you doing. Great. Thank you for having eight. Thank you. No. Thank you both for coming on. Monday afternoon I know how busy Mondays are for everybody. So thanks for taking the time to do this. I WanNa have you both introduce yourselves your individual areas of expertise inside the adobe adobe ecosystem, Katrina iceman. We'll start with you what do you what do you and I have known each other you know for a long time I won't go into how long but it's been a long time. I'm happy to see your face in here and I was surprised when I saw that you are attached to adobe also they need her so What do you? What are you doing at Adobe? Well, first, let me say that I started with Photoshop. Before it was released and even when I see with that Beta version of photoshop like I WANNA work with this company that was over thirty years ago. So hang on to your dreams because they do come through and. I know I'm tenacious and. Due to my photographic writing and educational experience. There is a new project that adobe was developing. That's now in light room, and it's all of the room to to`real and the discovery edit files learning an inspiration all in-app that I'm happy to talk about, and that's really what I concentrate on is working with the community to share integration and information. So you're you're I know you're you're official title of over there is the your product manager for engagement and I'm interested to a really happy to see that you're helping with the education side of that because you know as as the interview progresses as we talked about in the Green Room, I want to understand and I want our listeners viewers to understand that ecosystem, the light room classic ecosystem in Mobile, and how that fits into it and what they should be using for what is. As you know as a educator, there's a lot of confusion out there around what tool should I use much much to a to the effect of people even beings suffering from analysis paralysis like, Oh, I should use that year. So I use that I use this deal or whatever. So let's get to the bottom of that to in this interview as we progress, of Brittany, tell us about you and your your expertise over to Dobie. What are you? What's your? What's your area of responsibility? So, I, oversee strategy content and marketing for adobe corporate events, which includes Adobe Max says well as Adobe Summit. So this year has been a very busy year where we're going all in on virtual events, and so I'm very excited to talk more about what we're doing for Max. That's cool. That's cool. So Max. So take us for the folks that may not have heard of adobe Max right what what was adobe Max originally concepted for and who who's target So, Adobe Max is the world's largest creativity conference, and typically it has been three full days of immersive learning and training and inspiration workshops in a variety of other activities in a physical environment. So we traditionally have appealed to creative professional's across all of the various products that adobe focuses on. It's also where we traditionally will announce any of our new releases and our latest innovations.

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