The Los Angeles Clippers Have Fired Doc Rivers


Another myth another legend was fired Bob and I don't you were shocked as I was I, didn't see this coming where Doc rivers we had on the podcast you and I are both huge fans of doc as a human being as a coach. I don't. I. Don't know where I stand right now. Obviously, he is blown some big leads the latest being one in the bubble. Denver and with a team that let's face it. Steve. Balmer paid doc rivers big money to win a championship not not be eliminated by the Denver Nuggets in the in the western conference semifinals so Valid or not valid to let doc rivers go. I knew that we all knew that losing another three to one was not a good thing to have on on anyone's resume to do it twice in. Three years. And the do it with this owner as you said, who invested the overpaid for the team I think even by modern standards that teams are worthy he he got a little giddy with his two billion dollar plus purchase of the clippers the Lakers we could see but not the clippers. So okay, he's invested in this and I worried about it a little bit but I didn't think it would happen. I thought it was a possibility of Steve Bomber angry. But, I, thought it was an of course couching it. It's mutual ha you know coming out of the usual walk away from that money it's the modern. Thing to do that say it's mutual nationally I felt badly because I am very proprietary to a doctor and I have communicate with him already. But. It's understandable that an owner. Successful businessman. Odyssey's bomber is a highly successful with that investment. I I don't know what I don't know Jeff is the level of his own personal basketball acumen. I don't know how much he thinks. He knows he knows more doesn't knows more than that part I don't know you know. Here's what I'll tell you about. Here's what I'll tell you I. Don't think this was all Steve. Balmer. My guess is Jerry West who they pay a ton of money as a consultant. Okay. As a consultant. Yeah. Good point is Jerry West played a significant. In this move and now the question will be. What what's next in the big thing with doc and you and I know this we've been around enough. Great human being great communicator. But the biggest words that you would hear from players about doc dating back to the Celtics was a little bit of a Country Club, right? It's it's easy doctors a practice much. Older players veterans love, them. Again it's where you want to go to and the latter part of your. Extend Your career. and You wonder if that played a huge part here because certainly the clippers didn't look like there were in tiptop condition in the bubble weather. It was Knox fault whether it's back that mantras Harrow had a death in the family and didn't come into the bubble too late whether it's a fact that Lou Williams left the bubble and came back the Patrick Beverley. There were there were a lot of issues. But ultimately. It. Probably does follow on doc in a sense that you had the pieces you had the pieces. You shouldn't be watching if you're the clippers, you can't be watching the Los Angeles Lakers right now compete for

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