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Okay i wanna i wanna dive into that in a moment but i is there sort of a reason may be something in your pastor family kinda thing why you are sort of dove into this field of of neurology nkana helping other people don't get over these problems well actually when i was eighteen i was a freshman and college actually there in la at keltec at i read a book called the machinery of the brain by dean wooldridge and i had very excited about the brain and how it worked and what did and after studying that for a while i realise i needed to go to medical school to understand the diseases of the brain and if you look at this it's been an area that's been one of the poorest understood and one of the least well treated so he will get you know what we've done for things like cancer i'm of course there's a lot to left to be done but there is there is a lot of good working in as they say everyone knows a cancer surviver no one knows and alzheimer survivor so i went to to become a neurologist and started learning morality i became very interested in these neurodegenerative diseases because they were so hopeless it was unclear a we why you can't do anything about these things you what do we do about huntington's disease what do we do about parkinson's but we do about lou gehrig's disease and so forth and so on so i became fascinated with how these things actually work so the goal of my laboratory has been to understand these diseases in a fundamental enough way that we can actually designed the first effective therapeutics.

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