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They'll spend an hour or sometimes more talking about what they've done what they're doing to move the voice a industry forward. Sometimes we take a quick version have book authors that have done the deep research about a specific aspect of the industry last week. That brought you. Professor joseph tura discussing his new book about the downside. Risks of how some boise ai. Technologies are being used today today. I have another author brad stone. He's the bloomberg news editor that recently published his second book about amazon. And there's a chapter devoted to the rise of amazon alexa. We get into that story today. And how this seminal. Product is shaped consumer expectations and research for the entire industry. It seems fitting that. We're talking about the origins of amazon echo smart speakers in today's episode because this week voiced by research introduced to new reports about smart speaker adoption than the uk germany. Each report includes over thirty charts hundreds of data points and thirty plus pages of analysis. They represent the most in-depth analysis of smart speaker adoption. Does the uk germany and in each we compare the results to the us adoption from voice parts reports from twenty eighteen through twenty twenty one. So a couple of top line findings. Germany has filed the us adoption pattern very closely but about two years behind however there are several differences related to the frequency of use in the top use cases. Gerbils preferred through the devices so that's interesting and uk. The big news is that the adoption rate leapt past the us twenty twenty. Yes that's true hired option raid the uk. Did you us. Even though smart speakers were introduced two years after the us and the uk. so there's also a lot of different uses patterns in the uk as well many insights about how smart speakers are really going to be used going forward. So i definitely recommend you check that out. You can access the reports at research voice by data i. that's research dot voiced by day. I that's not the voice that i- website. It's a separate sub domain website that we have just for our research. We have a couple of articles in voiced by that ai and the findings so one item to look for is consumer privacy sentiment across the three countries. The results are quite a bit different than what most people have suggested. So another finding the type of abuse cases their favourite and how the us is maybe falling behind. Invoice voice commerce. So i hope you take a look. This is some pretty hefty research and offers insight into smart speakers that also has larger implications for the expectations and use patterns voice. I across smartphones. Car and elsewhere see can learn.

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