Game 5 wraps up of the 2020 Finals

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Moments after exciting. One of the best, finals games in recent memory. Game Five Heat Eke Ekit out to live another day and joining Zach tonight now Chris. Bosh. It wasn't quite. Five to Allen for three. It was quite Bosch Talon. But this is up there with one of the biggest heat wins in history I mean. For sure. It's an incredible game. What did you think of it? Man You know I, it is starting to be one of those series that's just kind of grinding to a halt. You thought that was going to happen is not happening. Everything, every player that she thought was going give this particular stat line is not it's not really transpiring right now but I mean, you have to give all credit to the heat and I kept telling people this in all these interviews you know how can get? The Lakers. Over they've got the uniforms on and I just like, okay he don't WanNa be here but let me tell you something. These guys if there's anybody. Who would embrace a difficult situation? It is Erik Spoelstra and Butler seems to really. Thrive off of that and anticipate that. affected. So it's Kinda like a marker will really hard is. Like they say, Oh hey yeah, we're here now. We're supposed to be competing for championship. This is how it's supposed to be. You know is this all about survival now there they've lived to play another day and that's what you gotta do. I think it's time to just acknowledged. Once and for all that, the heat had become a great team you know there was always this question of. Did they benefit from the hiatus hiatus in everything the bubble shake the bucks more than other teams. Did they benefit from hayward getting injured a really good. You. Know this Lakers seem his lost one game in every playoff series. Until now, they have not lost to to a heat team that is missing its leading postseason score until this series Goran dragic that they could started to acknowledge Jimmy Butler. The top ten player. Yeah that'd be we're. GonNa. Have to rearrange the rankings because this dude just put up thirty five, twelve eleven in forty seven minutes forty seven minutes and five and a half whatever it is it's the game you play dull game. Survived forty thirteen seven on fifteen of twenty-one masterpiece from the Brian. James we can talk about the end of the game if you want. Everyone can focus on the end of the game, but the heat put themselves in position to win at the end of the game. Duncan. Robinson was unbelievable. They're shotmaking was outstanding and this team just keeps in with Bam out bio clearly, not one hundred percent missing layups, missing dunks, he can play better he. To acknowledge the heat now are are for real and just like you were saying, they're short handed to. So you know we need to keep that in mind You can only imagine how the series would be a little different Gora was out there and not that he's just going to be that dominating presence, but he gives them another layer. To their attack and you know they have that team cohesion down pack and I mean, I don't really know where the lapses with the Lakers are happening with dunkin' Robinson. He's making them pay every time. I. Mean He's moving himself up into Lee Company every game because you don't expect them the thing you know you don't think he's going to continue to go on the street. He's he's gone on and you'll eventually figure that a veteran is GonNa get into them and just chase him to the bathroom. But but it hasn't happened yet and I mean they're making them pay every single time and. Boy I. Tell You. We'll. We'll see what happens game six. Years especially with a hobbled a little bit man. That's one of the big cities we should probably get to. Well, let's let's talk about the end of the game real quick. Okay. So a Frank Vogel Lakers coach has come out after this game and said that there were bad calls at the end. Jimmy Butler getting to the line I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree he's probably GonNa give find. Lakers lead the Lakers up one. He, ball they run a beautiful fast play for Jimmy Butler gets A. He screwed good play Lebron not. because. Eighty one moving so whilst I foot Lebron on. Screen Lebron and she goes up but Jeff Van Gundy called on the broadcast he he floats see I mean. It in verticality your whole. Career. Frank Vogel helped invent it with Roy but. He floats. He fails right? That's a foul. Yes. Afoul he jumped into them. You know good call by the resident and you have to give you know usually referees are getting tough time I. Think they called a Great Game Day You can always look on both sides and say, well, if an if but if they're even in the game is tied and the players they're the ones who are dictating what happens out there. Hopefully, the game isn't called. You know at the end by you know free throws or anything like that but all. Evenly called Game I. Feel. Throws. Yeah, each team had their opportunities and. Jimmy Man Jimmy Butler man he's he's continuing to do it. Man I gotta I gotta you gotTa give him props he's going to make give him props I. Mean he put them on their own is back in those last minutes. Man I mean, the one leg get he's hidden one legged fadeaway. You know he's hitting the free throws down the stretch to dribble I mean he's He's shoot free throws when you're that exhausted and not just. Did you her second he was going to miss you like just. To, to, of course, you were not you think he's GonNa Miss One because as a player I know how I would feel I'm GonNa Miss One. On. THAT TIRED Like him going over when he was leaned over panting after getting fouled, you know they burned a time out after that but. Just him just still being able to muster up whatever could and having a concentration suppose still had Chris Bosh on his roster. He would have run that play where you went to the back side. And the coroner. You. Come on you. Play for last second shot several times. So okay. So it makes a two free throws come down. They call time out again, Van Gundy and Mark Jackson. Call on this game all over this. Danny Green is in the game with a know Dunkin Robinson's on Danny Green. They know that they're going to run the screen to try to force Dunkin Robinson they know there's going to be a double with Lebron that's exactly what happens Lebron Drives Zach he drives into a crowd. There's three is three and a half guys there. He makes the basketball play Chris Bosh, which he is made for fifteen years since he's been starting to the playoffs, throws it to the Open Guy Danny. Green is a thirty eight percent three point shooter from that spot according to second spectrum is wide open. So I'll I'll throw them another couple of percentage points. And he missed it. Well I know Danny wants that one back. you know he made the right play it was a crowd I. I think he had the mentality to say, you're not going to beat us. We're sending everything in the kitchen saying and we're just going to close the shooters. They got the play that they were looking for. It was a tremendous play Danny Green slipped out. You kinda tell that the heat we're anticipating that play. Brahms. So able to make a very decent pass out the Danny grains got he got his hands on he stepped right into it. Any other time nine times out of ten he'll make that shot. You know he missed it what the interesting thing was on the rebound market Moore's he had plenty of time and he kind of made a quick decision Brian, opened on the right wing, which is always easy to say a new usually. Yeah. You throw it to ad but he had another big on you know and that was just man I was a tough light. It was very tough sequence. Watching film you. In it again now. You. Know Marquee Foucault Danny Green like he just handed the ball to hand off again Danny was right there funny though when he's when you through the LOB. Through. It I looked under the Rim I saw a d. and I thought again the balls just hand in mid Air I thought okay. I hate that decision because ad Mike, I'm putting the referees in play a little bit their down one, and then of course, the pass was that not an accurate he choked right let's just say. I'm not saying I would say that to mark keeps face in this moment. Do not say that Bryant don't say that. He. What do you WanNa say it's choked. Well he also as you pointed out before we started, you know they were setting the screen it they set for Jimmy on the on the go ahead. Free throws a flat screen by crowder and the flat screen is designed. You know Chris knows when your face in half court, it's designed to make defense. Gessler. Like which way to go, but it is an which wishing the pick he went he went from an angle to switching to the flat. kind of this weird in between space and if you don't, if if you're not demonstrative about your coverage, you'll get exploited

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