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What are you going to take for taking on this contract? What are you going to give me? It's been reported that the Miami Heat want their picks back. I'd say that's a starting point and Brian Win Horace. This <hes> reported that Oklahoma City is willing to do that but as long as they get a future pick back is sort of nullifying the pick exchange no no no. That's that's not going to happen adding that. Okay season no rush to make this seal congratulations the Miami he'd have never been in a rush to make this deal with Chris Paul also another thing that's interesting is. Have you noticed that the Russell Westbrook <hes> Trade Chris Paul hasn't formerly been announced yet. It's unofficial trade yet. It has not been finalized interesting. What does that mean which leads me to believe that there so working hang on some permutations of it? Maybe I guess the hope is and this is what I mean. I'll Hassen told me earlier last week when he had one of his sources say that <hes> they were trying to work at a three team deal in which Chris Paul would end up in Miami and I was saying why would Miami do that. Daryl morey tried had before and maybe it's nothing maybe it's something maybe Miami's a portion of that who knows but just something to keep in mind. I think it's pretty clear the team. Acquiring Chris Paul has the leverage here because if you're Oklahoma City you're you're desperate nut desperate perhaps but you wanna get rid of this guy and his contract yeah and you're GonNa need sable something to it. They'll more more he found that out now Sam Presi can find a way to get rid of Chris Paul without buying them out and without giving up multiple draft picks forum build this dude a statue in Oklahoma City because he's doing the rebuild better than any general manager and if I were starting my franchise and I could hire any name dame near in any sport. I'd want someone as smart as Sam Press. You got hit on these picks right. I I mean just half of it. Keep in mind though in the N._B._A.. And a lot of these picks are so for down the road that picks can be viewed as assets to get established stars right to which is why Pat Riley is going into these bidding wars very short handed because he doesn't have avenue picks yeah. That's why he that's why Riley's been hamstrung for a few years now and I think the.

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