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Yeah. Yeah. No. That's a pretty good argument set for the part where somebody else could get a hold of your tools and use it to murder your family. Didn't think of that? Did you wouldn't it be easier to get rid of all those weapons and put them in the cookie monster box? And then just live off the dole. Yes, it would. Schwab's out for paper cuts. Let your food stamps. Oh, so if you would if if you would like to get ahead of the the eventual roundup of all things weapons-related in important that should be honest with yourself. So I. Well, you know what I saw this. That is a metallic water bottle that I keep in my studio here, but it's pretty. It looks like it looks like a small bowling pin. I could totally beat somebody to death with this. In fact, I think I've threatened to the wild salesperson comes down here. So that's going to have to go. You're ready, dad. What do you think? Could I kill somebody? I've got essence garage where you're look you think I'd kill somebody with his bell here. I have some in you, you could okay. Gitmo sound torture? Right. You just put on their ear and Boing Boing Boing, but look like assassinate. I could put this around someone's neck. That's your Mike that's record for your headphones. That's your opinion. No. But you could like hitman agent forty-seven style. And just like take him out. You know, what if we go by the Jason Bourne standard, that's everything man. I guess several magazines. I know you do I was just thinking man he killed well, technically kind of killed them with the bomb. Didn't he? Liga Liga magazine, you putting a gun? I'm talking about like. Wait. Hold on. Hold on this. How deep does this go. Yes. Brent what's up? People would pencil. Why everybody would? How many people did John wick kill with a pencil, sir? Do we know? I know I know when the second movie was. Ling negative refers to the first one is what so multiple people have been killed with pencils by this man. Well, you know what, sir? And that's that's really all the evidence you need turn in your pencils? I don't I don't know what that means. I don't know what that means for testing for the school kids. But what are you gonna do? You could do chock, but it's hard to fill in the bubble with Chuck, sir. Oh, we tell ride the lives. Don't matter. Okay. All right. All right. Appreciate the call there. So he claims to have heard of a guy killing a bunch of dudes with a pencil the pencil with the frigging pencil. Yeah. With frequent pencil with chalk you crush the chalk putting their hand and blow in someone's face. Like Chun Li at the when he did that the Frank dukes. Oh, yeah. Blinded him. Yes. I wasn't for Frank dukes training. He wouldn't have overcome Chung Li so it's like a weapons assists. And he is the weapon that's a very good point. Tomorrow. How are you? A great Casey last year, my nephew what the college. He's a four point five four four point five GPA from my wife redid his apartment style dorm room. I guess yeah. And then she gave him our our old silverware heavy duty by is not like a regular butter knife. He has some weight to it. And I guess it was a rat. My wife, she left around in a new set of weaponry, really sprayer that we spread and and and and and and. But my nephew, you know. I don't want him giving anybody with those classics. Have more slowly showing them apart? I mean, really slowly sawing them apart, right? Kid. I don't want him to be triggered. Yeah. Yeah. But you know, he's a biology major. So, you know, those type of kids. Yeah. You know, right. Yeah. Let's see black see blackmail. You know, so. Well..

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