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Spend time with loved ones, it's important to do your best to get out of dopamine mode to come down into here now mode and really trying to be present with them. And it's pretty hard to do. It's pretty hard to do. I mean, you think how often are you in conversation with someone you care about very deeply. And you're not even listening to them while they're talking your mind is elsewhere probably thinking about something you need to do in the future. And so it's good to think about what Moda my in what mode should I be in? And what can I do to more fully experience this mode? If dopamine is the thing that makes you want more, and then be bored with it after you've gotten it. Is there something in the awareness of that that maybe helps you appreciate that more or that's just that's just the way we work. Yes. It's a very very funny phenomenon the way when we get something it instantly changes from before. And and the reason is that the way the brain is wired dopamine is designed only for processing things that are in the future. And so if I want a new pair of shoes, I'm imagining how amazing I'm gonna look in these shoes and how props is going to change my life. That's all well and good as long as I don't have the shoes because that keeps the shoes in the future as soon as the shoes. Who's become mine there now in the present and dopamine utterly shuts down because it's not designed for processing things in the presence. And that immediate loss of dopamine activity can come as quite a crash, and that's the basis for buyer's remorse. You know, we might look forward to purchasing something for weeks, even months our imagination goes wild with how it's going to change our life. And as soon as we get it we say, oh my God. Why did I spend this much money? It happens to people with relationships to a lot of times. There are people who will just jump from one relationship to another. And when the relationship is new when you have this idealized object of desire, it creates an enormous amount of excitement and enthusiasm. But once object of desire becomes a real human being the future, focus dopamine shuts down and maybe these kinds of. People don't have particularly strong here and now chemicals in their brain. And all of a sudden they've completely lost interest in this person. And they think it's time to go onto the next one. I want to ask you how gambling fits into this. And how dopamine affects people when they gamble, but I already in the first few episodes of twenty nineteen we've talked about resolutions and goals because a new year brings new beginnings and one of the things I bet you thought about is new software for your business. A new year is the best time to make a change.

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