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All right there are there couple of other things that I that I wanted to get to before we get to all of the events of the day I wanted to mention that I had John Wall on the radio show this morning Tommy before wes unseld away actually recorded it yesterday, and then we played back today But you know this NBA plan potentially for a restart to the season, which may only include twenty two teams I. Don't Know How much you've read about it. But basically they're going to take teams that were in the playoffs, or were within earshot of the playoffs, and they're gonNA. Let them participate in some sort of shortened regular season, and for the for certain teams like the wizards who were on the outside, looking in, give them away to play their way into the post season through some sort of short you know round Robin Tournament. There are a lot of different ideas of how it would work. But I asked John Wall yesterday I, asked him. If you know how healthy was and he said I'm one hundred ten percent I'm I'm ready and I said well. Now that you know there's the possibility of the wizards, playing may be in playoff games. You know a month from now, will you play? And he said none. I'm not playing until next year. You know I wanna I WANNA get a restart to the season you know. That's that's what we're shooting for I. Don't want to mess up. You know what was going on here and I said well. You know everybody's sort of restarting here. You know by the time this thing starts. It will almost beat the amount of time. That's typical of an off-season. Starting from scratch, it's not like you're going to go back to March eighth or whatever that day was in. Say Hey, the same exact group. It'll be four months. You know you're right. You're right I. mean you know I mean? How much difference is there him starting to to play ball insulated by as.

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