Social networks are bracing for a hack-and-leak operation ahead of elections

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We are less than a month away from election day and we're all on pins and needles about potential misinformation campaigns particularly from leaked information. What are social networks doing about this? So it's not like you know all of a sudden last minute they're saying all we got to stop this. I think since two thousand, sixteen, they've been doing a lot. To prevent the leaking end of these hacking leak operations. That happened in two thousand sixteen. So you know about every month or so facebook will put out these these takedown reports same thing with twitter where they'll say found these campaigns and we banned them because we knew that they were inauthentic behaviour Russia or China or Iran, and the reports are always lackluster right? You see them and they say you know. This campaign got twenty views before we were able to take it down and it seems kind of boring but that's Kinda the point that they want to basically cut them off at the roots before they they're able to grow and have this whole network because once they do have that kind of influence than you know it's able to spread like wildfire so. A lot of these social networks have been paying a lot more attention now to these. Campaigns, when they're small taking action immediately, rather than you know, let's see this is leads to anything I They've also been working with the FBI who's in giving them tips. Constantly on you know this this this this information network is. Growing on your platform, you should investigate on that they were saying in their October report about half of the take downs that they did came from tips from the FBI So there there's a lot of that going on, and then you know to stop the hacking portion of you know campaigns have gone a lot better at preventing us. You know their their emails from being leaked they have a lot better security measures nowadays, and you can see that right. You see these reports from Microsoft and Google talking about how we detected this hacking campaign targeting the Biden in the trump campaign and they're not successful Overall, they've just gotten better at preventing both the hack and the leaks from. Growing, right. So you went through a lot there. So. You talked about the work that these copies do with in conjunction with the FBI with. Government officials, how else do they? Identify some this. There's obviously a lot of content on these social networks right millions upon millions of accounts, lots of just popping up like how do they identify? Is it a matter of using a I or a human moderators? How do they identify some of the stuff? It's a lot of both. Ai plays a big part of it facebook talks about how you know most of the time these disinformation networks that are building on facebook. Most of those accounts are automatically detected and removed. And you know they, they do these strategies where they try to remake the accounts both like a different name on satellite Alfred Ing. For example, they made a fake account is that they would say something like a sh- melford ing like let's say and then you know that might get around it but most of the time these are banned anyway. But you know they've been saying that these disinformation actors are aware of facebook and twitter tactics now so they're trying to do off platform stop. So they'll make a fake account and post something on Reddit and say this is this is a big deal. Everyone should care about this. They'll purposely target you know conspiracy theory focused some red it's something like that. But. What this information researchers have found is that unless it's on one of these major platforms unless it's Kinda, laundered by a respected or legitimate news source, these campaigns don't really get far and that's Kinda the other step that's really different nowadays is that you know. Newsrooms are there these hacked hacking leak operations and you know there are a lot more careful about now not just taking anything that comes in and says what? What? A what a crazy set of documents we've gotta write about this immediately. The. Washington Post for example, has standards. Now, where you know if they receive hacked documents, the protocol is to kind of question. What is the point of this? Why did we receive this? Who wants who would benefit from this kind of stuff? So it's yeah, it's it's a lot different. Now you saw in two thousand seventeen with the French presidential election. Hackers access you know presidential candidate. Carlin's the emails and they release them like two days before the election and the French media just. Write about any of it and you know most of those leaked documents just get an end up you know causing any kind of election chaos even though it dropped like two days before the election didn't you mentioned the work between copies like facebook and twitter and the FBI are these companies working amongst themselves as well as facebook corning with Goule or twitter or Microsoft like how did these countries coronate their defense yeah? Coordination between all these companies obviously like really important and I know that. Elected officials from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security like they have regular meetings with these tech companies to tell them your user, the threats that were aware of you should watch out for this just because the Internet is not like an insular thing right to something can't only exist on facebook. So you know there's disinformation campaigns across the board and they are constantly talking with each other making them. Aware of these are the issues that we're dealing with. Are you seeing the same accounts for the reason why? When you see take down report from facebook, you most likely will see one from twitter at the same time

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