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The forty nine year old is accused of stockpiling handgun sniper rifles had a thousand rounds of ammunition. Prosecutors described what they say were hasn't chilling plans, including a possible hitlist on it. House speaker Nancy Pelosi Senate, minority leader Chuck Schumer, presidential candidates, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala, Harris and cable news host. Joe Scarborough federal agents also found this locked container holding more than thirty bottles of human growth hormone the drugs. Investigators say were meant to increase his ability to conduct attacks right now has an is facing only the drug and gun charges. Prosecutors call that quote, the tip of the iceberg. They say he was a domestic terrorist planning a massive attack. The judge however wants to see more evidence of those crimes or he told the government hill released has an bail, pending trial. David, Laura, Terry Moran. Watching the case from Washington. Thank you Terry overseas tonight into the Vatican now pope Francis opening a landmark summit on clergy sexual abuse church leaders from around the world, including the US addressing the scandal. That has plagued the church for decades and tonight with the pope did that made immediate headlines ABC's, David Wright from Rome, one of the first big moments of this unprecedented. Vatican summit was spontaneous. Pope francis. Kissing the hand of a polish survivor of sexual abuse. Simply chip Guenter speaking to bishops and cardinals summoned from around the world to address the issue. The pope said sympathetic words won't be enough to solve this crisis. The faithful he said expect concrete and defective measures. This is the moment for pope Francis to stand up and finally do something some organizations move slowly with this ridiculous. Phil Saviola was molested age eleven by a Catholic priest in Boston who ultimately had twenty eight victims Savia, no story part of the Boston Globe spotlight series that went on to inspire an Oscar winning movie. He's one of a dozen survivors invited to share their views with Vatican. Organizers feel finally heard I do feel hurry. Yeah. Promises made, but you really have to wait and see what actually happens. He told me. This is not the first time. He's come here to discuss this issue. But it is the first time he felt someone in the Vatican was listening. David David Wright with us from the Vatican. Thank you. And there is still much more ahead on world news tonight this Thursday. We remember a famous musician here tonight also the mayor under arrest tonight accused practicing medicine from his own home and then allegedly opening fire..

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