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He spent several days after being diagnosed with covert 19. Dave Packer, ABC NEWS Good afternoon. Here's a look at Chicago Traffic. The inbound Kennedy slow from Cumberland to Harlem, and then Lawrence all the way to burn 45 from well here. Downtown 22 from Montrose abounds clear to the junction half hour to the airport express lanes to three outbound Eisenhower in Mount ST Charles, a crash involving four vehicles blocking right shoulder. 40 between 3 90 in the old post office. 55 north bound after Veterans Parkway, an accident blocks the left lane traffic slow back to Lever, and the Stevenson is slowing down around the ramp to the Dan Ryan backed up by Ryan Construction from the students into Roosevelt blocking right light construction this weekend on the North bound Tri state from 88 to the Grand Avenue curve That's got the right lane blocked from the main 90 traffic center. I'm down, clipping the next update in 30 minutes. On the weekend hit the Open road with Dr Chicago. Hi, it's Rob Artier this weekend. We will review the Mercedes Benz GLC buying a car in today's market. And we will talk about the 2021

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