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An OBGYN doctor at Aurora ladies thank you so much for sticking around with us have a person contracts covert nineteen and survives are they immune from giving it a second time not necessarily so what we do know is that people have been tested positive for weeks and months after having been positive for the first time and the question is whether that teaches virus that they're carrying verses they're getting it again and it's not expected that people are going to have long lived immunity from this like we don't have long lived immunity against other human coronaviruses were taking your tax at a five five six one six one six twenty years one that says I think my family and I have already had to cope with nineteen is it possible that I can have that check to find out if you're a symptomatic right now the answer is no because we don't have enough cash to do the nasal swab to look for it and we do not have an antibody test yet that would look to see if you've been exposed before but the hope is we'll have that in the near future Dr Graham do we know how long the virus can survive on surfaces a person might touch it buries per service it was the New England journal paper that came out and potentially talked about the difference between our paper versus cardboard versus plastic etcetera but what we should assume instead on any type of service that the prickly touched by multiple people it's best to clean it off before you touch it so I got a question from a colleague that asked about groceries when we get our groceries should we wipe them down when we get home is that would you would recommend on I don't believe in that I wouldn't go that far although some people do do it I think the CDC said rather than using chemical cluster just rinse them off with soap and water so that you don't get leaching into the product I guess that makes sense Dr winter let me ask you this question that you know it made headlines when New York City initially said no one would be allowed in the room with mothers during childbirth they sense reverse that very early on the reverse it how important is it for mother's death support when they're in the room during labor in addition to have all and having all the medical support that they need I think it's very important as we know labor and and birth normal national processing but they do take time and I think having someone there really helps women feel more comfortable in labor on their lot of unexpected portion to the process and things that can come up that one didn't anticipate and it's very important to have someone there during labor are there specific things Dr winter that moms and moms to be should be doing to stay safe yes they should be doing all the things that we're recommending for the general population hand washing is very very important good hand washing with soap and water for the twenty seconds in addition the social distancing is very important to help decrease the risk of contracting the Colbert nineteen we are talking during our W. T. M. J. cares a special town hall with Dr Mary Beth Graham an infectious disease doctor and doctor.

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