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Me. It's been about what is possible in this city who we are and what we can be no matter who wins. San Diego will have its first Democratic mayor since 2014. Democrat Terra Larson. Riemer continues to hold a big lead over incoming Christian Gaspar in a race that could see Democrats take control of the Board of Supervisors in district to pal Way, Mayor Excuse me, pal Way. Mayor Steve Boss and former State Senator Joel Anderson are locked in a tight race. Voss says he will build relationships across party lines if elected. It's the same thing I've always done, you have to build consensus come together. And do what's best for the constituents, so that job never changes. Boss over. Anderson will replace Diane Jacob, who has turned out after 28 years in District one Democrat, nor Vargas is leading state Senator Ben Way. So while most San Diego City Council races have yet to be called one concession was made about an hour after the polls close, Wilmore tweeted his congratulations last night to fellow Democrat Joe LaCava for winning the district one seat. Sean Yellow. Rivera was leading fellow Democrat Kelvin Barrios by a wide margin in the race for District nine in District seven Republican No lease, Osa was facing a large lead obtained by Democrat Raul Campy Oh. Meanwhile, District five has Democrat Marnie von will part with a significant lead over Republican Joe Leventhal and District three showed Stephen Whitburn with a substantial lead over fellow Democrat Tony Duran. DeNoon KOGO news, Taking a look at the housing market and the election are they linked? That's coming up. Live along with your real time traffic and could there be rain on the way? Question. Mark Kogo Noose I made 37. Some races are settled..

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