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Which one of the bait and many of you have different opinions and then we had other tweets today four hours ago does tulsi gabbard pose any threat to trump on what grounds can he attack her during a debate i'm gonna talk about her because she actually was the clear winner to me she had dignity she had style she wasn't dangerously she wasn't nervous and although she did not appear to be left the she is by the way i'll expose that a little later so three hours ago i tweeted should cook todd get it to pay for tonight's act i thought i'd lighten it up a little bit i thought you and finally ten minutes ago i put one that i think is really hilariously funny to hope that elizabeth warren takes in good humor of course she's she has no humor and we posted pictures of the old red army faction or the bite amano off gang a number of members they were the terrorist gang from west germany of number of decades ago and i kept saying why does elizabeth whiny warren remind me of the red army faction or the baader-meinhoff gang of taras hilariously funny thing that we did there by the way and now on the savage nation we go to the next thing on eight five five four seventh eighth to some of the craziest statements to a made last night are worthy of repeat for example who castro the one with the high eyebrows the high brow one i don't know how to describe any other guy eyebrows were up to temp up to his far head how do i browse go up that you're talking about well anyway i can't say it's a family show but julian castro has the highest eyebrows on the stage right he called for tax payer taxpayer funded abortions for transsexuals now i don't understand this one and i did i did major in biology i've a couple of graduate degree grease i've read rather widely i don't know how a transsexual means an abortion i can't figure that one out i think that the anatomy he's talking about does not produce human babies i think produces waste product but i don't know i don't know what he's referring to how can you ask the government to pay for abortions for transsexuals because you believe in reproductive justice first of all to show you how sick this man is mentally ill how many transsexuals are there in the country to begin with what do you think that constituency as internal times in terms of total numbers miniscule right less than one zero point one percent now amongst zero one percent of transsexuals how many of them want abortions take that one two zero zero zero one percent so why would this lunatic come up with a thing like this the clip to judge for yourself i don't believe only in reproductive freedom i believe in reproductive justice.

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