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To and he probably gets whether it's goal line or white probably gets action if mccoy is on the team he may not be as you know he may not be like that is a real thing that is a real possibility david dodds fantasy legend last night he tweeted he doesn't tweet a lot but he tweeted that he thinks if the mccoy the situation down there is not resolved in a week tweeted this yesterday if his prediction is if it's not resolved in a week he's likely maybe said seventy percent but likely to go on that commissioner's exempt list i'm seeing other people start to talk like that today and that can be for any amount of time that can be a defined amount of time or not only the commissioner can put them on the list and he gets paid but he can't go to games and i don't know about practices i forget but like there are just certain restrictions on all that matters is like he wouldn't play play on sundays all right scott fish talking a little bit of fantasy football there will do more of that i love to do it scott fish coming up at four this guy is a super cool fantasy figure because his thing is raising money for kids to buy them toys and you're talking five figures the way this guy i i want to i know a little bit i'm looking forward to learning a lot more about him and the cause and just talking fantasy football with him so that's coming up mike chopin the bulldog here thanks for listening to wjr the.

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