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Michigan's new attorney general Dana Nessel requesting the state, join a federal lawsuit defending ObamaCare attorneys general from Colorado, Nevada and Iowa. Joining Nestle announcing the court's permission to join the appeal of the decision of the US district court in Texas at the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. Nestle says healthcare for hundreds of thousands of people in Michigan is currently on the line w w j news time eleven eleven charges for a McComb county man accused of abusing his dog to death. Here's NewsRadio nine fifties. Lauren Barth old your old, sterling a mixed breed was found underneath a picnic table. And Utica grant park stabbed multiple times. He belonged to the roommate of twenty two year old Alexander girth after he was denied ownership because of his former living situation investigators believe girth convinced his friend to adapt sterling the suspect was arraigned today on one count. I've killing torturing an animal a four year felony bond is set at five hundred thousand dollars Lauren Barth old WW J. Newsradio nine fifty Detroit. Police are asking for the public's help. They want to identify two suspects. They were caught on video beating up a school bus driver in front of students. The men can be seen on the bus surveillance cameras repeatedly punching the sixty three year old man before exiting that bus. This was last Friday afternoon and happened along Asbury streets near Warren and the Southfield freeway. The driver was treated at a local hospital for his injuries. Anyone with information should contact nine one one we have that video up on our website WW, NewsRadio dot com. Detroit police chief James Craig meantime is very angry on what he's calling a racially insensitive social media post by one of his own officers. This was something posted on Snapchat by a white officer a veteran of eighteen years with Detroit. Police who had just stopped in African American young woman for expire tabs and will subsequently having vehicle told as she walked away in the coal the officer on his Snapchat says walk of shame in the cold. And then he says by Felicia the video was captioned with this is what black girl magic looks like and celebrating black history month angry because this was a racially insensitive post. I don't care who disagrees with me about it. You make a statement about black history month. This young lady was one of our colder days in Detroit Detroit police chief James Craig there who says this officer has been pulled from his regular duties as they conduct their investigation. Stephanie Davis WW J NewsRadio nine fifty. It was the changing of the guard at the Detroit branch of the NWEA CPI. Well, sort of members gathering this evening for a celebratory passing of the gavel before it's elected officials also for those who will be chairing. The organization's fight for freedom fund dinner later this year. Chemical Bank chair. Gary tar grow is co chair of that events along with skillman foundation. President and CEO Tanya Allen. Most important thing is.

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