Trump Fund-Raiser Elliott Broidy Charged in Lobbying Case


We're also watching tonight the strange and we expect to be developing story of this Guy who has now been hit with federal felony charges. His name is Elliott Brady. He had a senior role in the trump inaugural committee. He was a major donor to the trump campaign not long after trump's inauguration the Republican party in this since deleted press release. Announced its, new national finance team. Under. The leadership of Steve. Wynn who since had to give up his casino empire a huge sexual harassment scandal the party brought on they announced in that press release they brought on as deputy finance. Chairman. Real, Nice. Group of guys Michael, Cohen the president's former personal lawyer who would soon go onto multiple felony convictions and a substantial jail term before becoming one of the president's most vociferous. Himself they also in that same press release announced Elliott Brady. As a national deputy chairman of the Republican Party, he is also a today now charged with multiple felonies committed also the other guy they announced that Prescott and that press release that day was Lewis to joy. The Guy who president trump put in charge of messing up the post office. COVID made us all change to vote by mail for this election Steve WYNN Elliott, Brady Michael Cohen and Louis de joy all in the same press release. All announced as having these major new roles in the national. Republican. Party all on the same day couldn't happen to a nicer bunch. I will just reiterate that the National Republican Party has since deleted that press release from their website but it's a real thing. Elliott Brady has now as I mentioned been charged with multiple felonies charged basically with taking money illegally from foreign sources to get the Justice Department to drop certain prosecutions. But Elliott Brady is tied up a whole bunch of stuff all the scandals involving the trump inaugural. He was a senior figure in the trump inaugural brady. You may also remember was embroiled in a hush money payment scheme that was almost literally a carbon copy of the one president trump got embroiled in with porn-star Stormy Daniels I. Mean. Literally, it was a copied thing. It does seem like the lawyers involved in both the trump hush money payoff and the. Payoff the lawyers may have used the exact same documents and the exact same fake names for both Brady and trump's hush money deals. Elliott was also the key link to the trump campaign and the trump administration for convicted pedophile. George Nader who for some reason had tons of access to the highest levels of the trump campaign, the trump transition, and even the trump administration. George Nader is now in jail probably forever. On child pornography and child sex trafficking charges his business arrangements with the. With. Liberty with the sky from the RNC and the trump inaugural committee that business relationships between. George Nader and Elliott. Brady remain murky but with brody now, himself facing federal felony charges. Maybe. More, will come out about that too. All in the lead up to the president's reelection effort Elliott, Brady is expected to plead guilty at least. That's what these court filings look like today. We shall see.

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