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Thanks, steve. Good morning, everyone nineteen degrees. Our wind chill is four this morning. Chicago police are asking for the public's help in finding a boy who never came home from school yesterday. Nine year old Michael Campbell lives with his family in the city's angle would neighborhood. He goes to Harvard elementary. His sister was shonda Scott tells channel nine that's school is less than a block from their home is less than two minutes. Walk for him to get home. There's people that watch the keys and patrols. So how mcevoy's father Chris Campbell says his son's backpack was found near a dumpster at seventy fifth and Harvard. He was last seen wearing a maroon shirt, black pants and Nike shoes. That are orange and blue other news this morning. The former president of the Chicago police union will not be punished for comments. He made during the Jason Van Dyke murder trial. A second. Vice president of the fraternal order of police had sought to oust dean Angelo from the union for speaking to reporters during the high profile trial back in October, the vehicle be VP cleaned. Angelo violated union bylaws by misrepresenting himself as the F O P spokesman the Union's executive board clear Dangelo of any wrongdoing yesterday. The USDA has announced plans that should protect residents and others who receive federal aid around two million Illinois residents will continue receiving their snap program benefits. At least through the end of next month snap, formerly known as the food stamp program. The federal agriculture department last night said that benefit is funded through the end of February despite the ongoing shut down at the federal government Vic Vaughn WGN congressional Democrats accusing President Trump of promoting misinformation and malice responding to the president's address on border security last night. House speaker Nancy Pelosi says Trump has chosen fear over facts, she argues that there are smart and affected by partisan solutions. That would curb. Illegal immigration, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says Trump put prompted the ongoing partial government shutdown in a tantrum over building a border wall. The future of Sears could rest on one hundred twenty million dollar deposit. That needs to be made today by chairman Eddie Lampert. Lampard's got one day of an extension to deposit that money as part of a four point four billion dollar bid to save Sears. If he meets the afternoon deadline. The bid will then be placed against those of liquidators for auction next week Seth green with Loyola university's Quinlan school of business. Says series is eleven billion dollars in debt because it didn't get into the ecommerce game instead focusing in the nineties and early two thousands on in store product story is really a story about and I contact brand that lots of sway Sears currently operates more than four hundred stores Sears stores and KMart stores and has more than fifty thousand employees and now WGN community corners. Here's Ryan burrow, the Lake Geneva, ice castles are expected to open. On saturday. According to.

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