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To show people actively making decisions and actively making decisions not to get involved so we have both sides of that in both carry weight so for example there's a seen very early where we actually watch a character go over pickup something off the street and break that first window that starts the riots it's not about blaming anything on that one character we've certainly seen a lot building up to that point the justifies that outburst of violence but it isn't a case where the glow shoots it as if all of a sudden a riot broke out no a character made a decision to express himself and that was kind of the first domino that fell in this process a character shooting the gun that causes the police to come over to the algiers motel i'm guessing based on the postscript with this film and the facts and different versions of events rolling around this case that that could have been handled in a lot of different ways and she makes the decision bigalow and bowl as the screenwriter to show us the character carl who's played by jason mitchell very good as easy in straight outta compton go over and express his anger with the starter pistol gone and aim at and fire at at the police and the national guard but then as i said on the flip side you have the characters who choose not to get involved and that's even more damning in some ways i think when you were talking about the few bad apples theory i think that does come through a little bit the counter to that would be the way bigalow does show.

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