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Factual now i think this is prey actual factual know couldn't find a taco bell so we did del taco the next best thing by the way that's a pretty low bar yeah so i mean come on the healthiest fat the thing that saves them as they don't have french fries which you all know or that french fries are like the worst um the thing that saves them as they sprinkle let us on everything a real the lettuce the let us sprinkler they have like a giant or a pepper shaker filled with let us he filled with lettuce yeah yeah that's what i think it is rob what are what is your theories on this i feel like that the portions are smaller yeah that's true the only thing i would argue when it comes to this is that while the food is healthy i feel like the people who sometimes serve the food at taco bell aren't healthiest looking and i know i'm judge in a book by its cover what else can i do let's just let's just programmed into me from evolution so i'm just worried that some of the jews from the open source on their faces might square into i talk but in maybe that's just the taco bell near my house they're great guys but they do look like they probably have several you know diseases knives i've stopped in the taco bell once and there was the kid who was at the counter had dirt under every single one of his fingernails and and you're hoping now under oath is like the only time in your life i hope that dirt under his house yeah and under his nose was all chapter from rub in us naughty knows away yeah and i took my food and dropped it in the garbage can on my way out the dow will end the other day when i went to taco bell i paid for my food in after it paid the guy who took my money had this look on his face it was like a smirk.

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