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My god. Oh. How long year Simone papery? What are you going to this week? So exciting news. I'm hang off to New York tomorrow to campaign event and also to to do Bloomberg Emily Chang shout relations. I don't know if you've read her book, bro topa, but it is excellent. It is as history of the tech industry and how to boys club you, Emily Chang. She's not a academic feminist. She's an anchor at Bloomberg. And she went through she uses this image of a she just goes into the entire history of our field and asked like why do women not feel welcome here. There's an entire chapter in her book about what happened to me during gamer gate, and because her book is sold. So well, it's in the second updated edition, and there's some changes with that. So I'm there. I also want to tell people for GTC week. I am thrilled to tell everyone on rock. Hit that. I am going to be having a a campaign event at UD see that sheer at the Press Club. So we're going to include a link to the event right in the show notes. And I would love for you guys to come there in say Hello, I enlisted Haley, and then I started to say, heck, yeah. And then I kind of said help, and then I seldom. Stop talking. Yeah. But that on the record hell Kia healthca though excited. What am I doing this week? I am I my pinball video went out last week. I'm sure of it. I forgot to and I forgot share it with my mom to put it in the show notes because I'm really proud of it. I did a I watched a ton of old news footage, which is one of my favorite things to do. So don't be too proud of me for that. But I also did a ton of research, and I really really enjoyed putting this weird story together. And I love the the parts of history that kind of sound ridiculous to us today. But are just fascinating and complicated. And still so connected to our lives. Tell me all about this because I'm a big pinball fan. I don't talk about a lot. I love those games. Like, this is about the history of pinball wizard video. About specifically it is about how pinball gave video games their bad reputation, essentially because when pinball was first created those machines didn't have flippers, and you basically, basically they were what was essentially was gambling guy says. Yep. Exactly because they were seen his games of chance. They were made by the same companies who made sought machines in cigarette machines and other kinds of ending machines and the distribution of those machines was often controlled by the mob. So they were kind of inextricably tied to the mob and gambling. But they were also seen as this thing that would attract kids and make them like spend their lunch money on these machines one more poll of these machines, and maybe beat up other kids for their lunch money. So they could play more like the language used to describe kids obsession with pinball. I barely touch on this in the video, but the language used to describe kids obsession with pinball is almost exactly the same as. How we talk about kids being obsessed with video games like they prefer to them being Zomba fide and obsessed and neglecting their schoolwork like, it's a direct correlation. It's so fun. I love simplified children. But yeah, so it was basically about how that mistrust of pinball machines in that banning of pinball machines, major cities contributed directly to or is a direct lineage to how video games have been kind of seen as bad actors throughout their whole history. Even though now we have like a forty year old maturing industry. They still have this sort of taint of of like. It of inappropriateness in child corruption on them that just doesn't come off. Yeah. I know that my life took a dark turn once started playing the Star Trek up in ballgame in the ninety legacy now just running for congress. I'm with the worst people on earth Simone. It's was halting games have to be stopped. Okay..

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