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After the fall of the Soviet Union. But we're now back at a point where all the Cold War rhetoric has returned all of these countries with nuclear weapons have modernization programs. Ours is gonna cost over a trillion dollars. And you know, Mr. Trump, and Mr Kim or doing this dangerous dance. Yeah. Close to the edge of the cliff. And you know, meanwhile, all of the stuff is happening with climate change. And it seems like no one is paying attention. And so the power of the doomsday clock is it's a very simple mechanism to draw. Attention. We are basically saying, hey, wake up their stuff happening that, you know, apart from all the scandal that we hear on a day-to-day basis. There are real developments long-term developments with. Nuclear weapons that are pretty troubling. It was interesting to me to learn that the doomsday clock is non quantitative in nature. It's a way of illustrating the relative safety or danger that the world finds itself in an starting conversations about those things that said that are things that factor into the setting of the doomsday clock. I should tell listeners it's two minutes to midnight let that sink in. And some of those things are treaties or meetings and expressions of openings of would be dialogue. There almost seemed to be a case to be made that Trump in wanting to form a friendship with Vladimir Putin. And with Kim might be moving the clock away from midnight that those things could be read as hideous as they are as dangerous seeming as they are at least the assumption of the clock on the bulletin was decades ago that a meeting is better than no meeting. I think you're right. I can't reveal exactly what goes into. Setting the clock or have to kill you with that physio material. Exactly we in addition to the nuclear portion, we're looking at climate change. We're looking at the risk of emerging technologies..

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