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How could he not have heard, it you've played every four minutes it's great let me let. Me tell you I heard it all right Did. You feel I. Felt it Neil have you put? The, baby, down, no, no. No no no we're. Gonna, keep it oh Just. Unbelievable That's the child's father Oh the child's father that's a father who was raised by a father at. His sense. Of humor like that sounds like you've had a couple of Yeah. You might have hit the Chardonnay early He's like me We're watching videos, kid, loves music. Anyplace entertaining vows after. Every single song Aw That's. Cute and what how old is? He he's almost a year and a half. Months But he's bowing at a three year level Yeah thank you bender for that well done Takes. The curtain calls as a three, year, old any I'll say you? Gotta, go hey can you stay. With, us Hold on max needs me I gotta go all right. Man the best buddy thanks for. Coming on good times like I dare he goes Neil surveyed to the fork reporter every Saturday did five on KFI it's kinda in Thomson quakes are crazy tonight benders gotten up a couple of earthquakes, with magnitudes of four. Point four and three point four hit the south land reports coming in from across LA county Orange County as well I e but the epicenters about two. And a, half miles north of the center of Laverne put into about the. Martial canyon area Wheeler. North of baseline so far no reports of any damage. News brought to you by Mike diamond the smell good plumber governor Brown has signed off on getting rid of cash bail cash system will be replaced by a risk. Assessment system where, a judge will decide whether some defendants are held in jail pretrial or if they can be released people facing nonviolent misdemeanor charges will be released within. Twelve hours on the other end of the spectrum people charged with serious violent felonies will. Not. Be released in between it's, up, to the judge based on Seizures in a. Given county supporters say the point of this is to offer. Up a fair chance for Justice. For cash poor defendants opponents from two different camps say it will lead to more criminals on the lamb or to lead to more people being held in jail Chris ancarlo KFI news the school district, in the i. e.. Has agreed, to cough up almost sixteen million dollars to settle three sex abuse cases of the plaintiffs went to Redlands high school Morgan Stewart a lawyer from. Irvine says, six of the eight students were abused by one math teacher another. By an English teacher. And the last by a theater director these girls lives. Are forever changed they're never going to be the same as a result of this abuse he says counting all his recent cases against Redlands unified school district eight people. Have abused dozens, of students Redlands unified says regrettably it can't erase the actions of those repugnant individuals and hopes the settlement begins the healing process Corbin Carson KFI news. Traffic.

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