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Alright we are here to talk awa dynamite another late night. Friday edition it Had you know the big news headline of andreotti showing up. We'll talk about that at the top here. And then i thought the show kind of tapered off in terms of quality and relevance. And we'll get into that. And i'm going to get your view i'm joined by joel. Donell and tyler stage who are frequent co hosts on the dynamite po shows when you do the live call in format for perhaps obvious reasons were not doing that late at night on fridays Especially with Do in the smackdown poll shows and it just hasn't logistically worked out but we didn't want to cover the show and so we've got joel in tyler. Here joel welcome. Thanks for having me on weight in tyler. Welcome due to below always blizzard. So you can check out. Tyler's coverage of dynamite live show airs on wednesday or now. Fridays and saturdays and joel does the dynamite hits and misses column. So we've got people who are on the eight w beat joining here for a special roundtable post show and i want to start with the andrade introduction like just about everything on the show I have some level of gripe In this case. I wasn't a fan of vickie. Guerrero doing these screeching. Excuse me it which to me. Is mid card at best lower mid card comedy. Introduce somebody who. Based on his talla his acclaim the announcers framing is a big signing who they foresee being a main event at least the tier guy. I wanna see vicki. Grow from the derivative cartoonish. Excuse me bit. That feels more nostalgia than something current. So that's my opening comment Joel your thoughts on vicki's role and then andrade and how he came across and just the value of the signing. How do you feel about it. Yeah i mean it was. it was an interesting debut. You know to say the least that it was Four mark henry was his segment and then got kind of taken over by vicki And then by extension andrade came out. But i mean the first thing that comes to mind to is you know andrade. He carries himself like such a star when he comes to the ring. I mean he has. He has the charisma to get him to that next level. But this pairing with vickie guerrero just seems like such a just an odd pairing between those two. I mean even we saw vickie guerrero later in the night. I'll where she's already the manager of neither rose and so neither roses getting heat up heated up again for something with brit baker and so then half also with andrew seems like such a here thing in just not the direction that i feel like. You'd want to go with him because he's talking about wanting to be like the the face of hispanic in the faces in the face of aew. And i just feel like vicky grows. Gimmick is just not conducive to that whatsoever I think can be really talented in a lot of other ways but Like you clean out to wait. Just the excuse. Me gimmick is just not something that i would want with android. I feel like something happening like a more professional presentation of what he had and wwe with. Tia trinidad if they were able to get her to come in there and do like an aws of that. I think that would be really spectacular. Deceive but Besides vicki i think that andrade he has a lot to overcome with the way that he was booked in wwe. I don't think that his reaction was the strongest when he came out there. But i feel like he's gonna win over the fans pretty quickly. I mean he had some great matches in that x t Like i said before. He's got a great presence. Agree charisma about him. That i think he can break through it to another level in eighty. W yeah. I think the vicki pairing is well. He needs somebody to talk for them. And that's the andrade has confidence and bravado and in a the angel as conan wants described. The word charisma to me He's got the angel but he starts talking in trying to an english he loses some of it. Because you can tell he's he's thinking really hard about how to say it and getting it right and so i think they're thinking well let's put him on someone who can talk vickie guerrero when we went on to be already. He's going to be are hispanic getting grayer. But you know. Eddie could talk english. And just he's different. He was a different guy. there's some overlap. Some not and so it feels a little forced and then yeah it was jarring. Seeing vicki out there for was kind of a slapsticky segment yet Not who's a librarian guy. not leva bates appear avalon. He yeah peter avalon's out there hamming it up like it's the being. The elite high school improv comedy sketch slapstick in the background. Just undercutting for me get into that later that the tone that baker should be having which is something towards that but not that far and it was tone deaf and then you have vicky standing out there kind of participating in this clown show in the background for the brits segment doing burger comedy and i thought that it it diminished. What they did with andrade that she's out there no than other rose saying you know she's making these facial expressions in the background which was to build up the angle and all. That's fine but to me. Andrade needs more gravitas. So i didn't like that. I tyler your thoughts on on the segment as you watched it and what what jolan i had to say so far this was a very odd segment to me and you guys ran down a lot of both of those reasons. You know a why it was. You know just starting with the mark. Henry part of this and then transitioning vicky and i thought it was a bit odd but you know if you were to pull me freeze time and pulled me. What i thought was going to happen. Next someone the capacity of coming out in premiering would have been one of the last things that were thought of the way the the The segment was set up and So that was that was poor i think. Aws is pretty good at altering things maybe not immediately but casually over time You know someone like christian comes out to me that it wasn't going very well now the kind of slow building him in another direction. Not that has been perfect. But they've they've obviously known that what he was doing was not working. So i think there's a couple of weeks where this pairing is not working the way they thought it would originally. I could see them. Transitioning him off her. You could always use it as a stepping stone to turn and face almost immediately if you know that she's always good for that as a manager and And then the.

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