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On his way to his plan in a cameo video are requested by cursive frontman Tim Casher says the post office is in a little bit of a pickle. Right now. It's certainly in the news being bounced back and forth. So I had an idea, Ratzenberger says in the video, then Posed the question. Why not do all your Christmas shopping early at the post office store that that sounds like a pretty silly thing, right? Says that do all your Christmas shopping early at the post office. Ratzenberger use the hypothetical Aunt Lily to encourage his plans to use the money that they would have spent on Christmas gifts to buy stamps with the equivalent amount of money and send that to their family members is dead See, and it's like anything's been a little tongue in cheek here, however, he might be playing off of something else that is in the news today. Is that it's easy to carry easy to mail is leadership, and it's worth something, and it'll be worth something for a long time. So there it is. The U. S Postal Service reported a $4.5 billion loss. For the second quarter of this year ending in March. So what is that going to be? You know, $22 billion, if you annualized that $22 billion loss for the year. Now that sounds like John Ratzenberger being a goof, and I think it probably is playing on the Cliff Clavin Postman Or he could be making fun of Alexandria, Casio, Cortez. Who yesterday came up with a brilliant idea of her own for saving the post office. And here's the headline on this one. And Who is this? The Associated Press? There's somebody. Alexandria, Casio Cortez has a plan to save the U. S. Postal Service Colon They love their Collins just like John Ratzenberger. Just like click click. Progressive Pen pals. I'm sorry. What? U s Postal Service Postmaster has announced the massive shakeup ahead of an impending surge of mail in ballots. This is stab a Taj say that's actually the sub headline because Just good journalism. That's really not what's happening. But that doesn't matter because the truth is not what matters anymore. But here's the brilliant idea that Alexandria Castillo Cortez has she wants to have pen pals. Progressive Pen pals, and that's her plan for saving the U. S Postal Service. She wants to have progressives mailing each other letters, I guess to reassure one another. That everything is okay and have progressives. You know, they're radical leftist lunatics who don't know what their gender is. And you know your run of the mill Democrat who's afraid to go stand in line to vote because their party told them to be afraid to stand in line. But they're going stand a line for everything else. When that's just that's just So she wants to have progressive pen pal system set up around the country. And that's your plan to save the post office because how shall I say she's a moron? That's I think the thing very low I Q. Perky, perky but very low. I have been thinking about ways to help you help the post office and I think I've got an idea and I'm interested in hearing your thoughts, so one of the best ways to support the post office. It's to buy stamps. What do you all think? Excited if I set up a national Progressive Pen Pal program, do all the work of connecting you to somebody else. We would ask her conversation. Prompt your postcard promise. And even like a principle postcard format. You just send it out on you like that idea. Will you be down? That's that's that hip, urban talk that you hear so much about from the progressives. Would you be down with that? Get down! Get down! Get down tonight. Yeah, yeah. I think she used to be with peaches and she's a progressive pen pal program. That's what she's going, which is the P p p p, which maybe Bill Clinton could administer. Because we already have the PPP, right and then we've got the other peop E p. I think we've got a couple of PPP, so she's got the p p p p The Progressive Pen pal program, and that's what she's pushing to save the post office, which is another indication of her mental limitations. Just one more. She's freaked out by garbage disposal. She was shocked to find that Lettuce grows in the ground. That leaves come from dirt. That was shocking to her just about a year and a half ago. Completely shocked by all of this absolutely crazy crazy people. Nuts. Here's a Here's another amusing one as well. Camelot era. Excuse me. Wait a minute, comma comma La Kama Kama Kama Kama Emilie. She the karma chameleon. She is running for vice President, United States and cackling like a loon the whole way. She's crazy as hell. And they released the name of her top secret Secret Service code name. Since she's the VP running mate, she now get secret service protection. Boy, her life has storybook. It's really like it's been a living hell, because she's a minority and women like her can't get ahead in. America is very tough for her PhD father, professor emeritus from Jamaica, and her mother, PhD, cancer researcher from India. It's been a It's been a tough road. A ho I know from Willie Brown's office. Teo, the attorney general of the state of California are most populous state to the U. S Senate on DH, and she just gets to make it up as she goes along. But she's got secret service protection now. So they announced yesterday her Secret Service code name which is supposed to be secret supposed to be secret. On DH, they announced. They say it's pioneer. Their secret Service code name is pioneer. It defeats the purpose of code name. When you tell everybody with the code name is now they're gonna have to change it to leaker. I think I'm gonna have to change it to a leaker. Because you're supposed to keep the code name of secret. The Hill has the story. Everybody has the story, Senator Law, Harris. Or is it hurries has selected pioneer as her code name..

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