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Hour from townhall dot com. I'm Patrick fos. Texas Senator John Cornyn has warning Americans against buying into the democratic socialism being peddled by some democratic presidential candidates, there's a reason why you don't see caravans of people attempting to immigrate to countries like Venezuela. But he says, Democrats like Bernie Sanders promoting things like Medicare for all the green new deal. And a host of other disastrous policies, such massive government programs. Cornyn says would spell the end of personal economic ambitions and freedoms most fundamentally of all it would destroy the American dream Cornyn troubled by polls showing some forty percent of Americans saying they might prefer living in a socialist economy, while Agnew Capitol Hill. Mexico is we need to apply that of its new national guard for immigration enforcement. The six thousand strong force is part of an agreement with the US to head off threatened American tariffs on Mexican imports. Mexican officials say guard members deployed near Mexico's southern border with Wata Malla will register migrants offer them options for regularizing their immigration status in return, those who don't want to register. I'm Mike Kemp. President Trump is setting one thousand more US troops into Poland as part of a broader security alliance. The announcement came during a White House news conference with the visiting polish president who said his country will pay for the basing of American troops. Holand has been pushing for an increased permanent presence of U S forces out of concern over Russia's military activity. President Trump also said Poland is buying more than thirty f thirty five Joint Strike Fighter jets from the US in recognition of that purchase a single f thirty five flew over.

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