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On your arm you spread the patch out of the skin of the arm he pressed gently with your index finger it makes snapping sound the needles penetrate into the skin those are micro needle so small doctor Henderson tells me you barely feel them and a vaccine in patch form is cheaper than a needle and can be shipped through the mail as for when this might be available well we're in pre clinical trials we hope to begin human trials sometime this summer after that if successful it's up to the FDA as to how quickly it could be distributed Dan Mitchinson KCBS KCBS news time seven forty four every pro on the job as a go to latter day exclusive twenty three foot gorilla multi position ladder combines all the letters you need in one it's also the first multi position ladder with the project top cap let you hang your tools right where you need them where you work and the only place you can go for this lab is the home depot the gorilla twenty three foot multi position ladder only at home depot dot com how do I get more done he wasn't hi it's came under there with my husband hi it's Kevin we're living through unprecedented times the feeling of isolation can be overwhelming but that's where the power of radio comes in sometimes just hearing a familiar voice can be reassuring and of course KCBS is committed to bringing you all the latest news you need from the voice is your choice now more than ever we will get through this together as one big CBS is helping the bay area stay connected for more go to radio dot com slash stay connected coming up on P. C. B. S. says retail inches toward re opening how's that going to play out we'll check in with KCBS in chronicle insider feel mature and five right now seven forty five sports with Steve yes standing experience the last dance documentary concluded last night with episodes nine and ten with the.

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