They need to prove their hotness to you,


N R O B. S H O W people keep trying to look up Mark and Ryan and it's really much rob, Rob. And in order for you to help me with that account, you had to actually create your own account. By the way before we get into this. Can I just say I would you've seen office space. I would love to sit down with our digital staff and be the bobs with him. Tell us what it is. You do here because you're the digital staff and you're telling us we have to do the digital on our own. Okay? Yes. At Robin Kendall on instagram. Yes, and yesterday Course, was being facetious that I thought it was just the land of the nudes You got on the instagram and now it is write So many people are sending me nude. I told you, however, most of them are noodles in the shape of people. I love anyone who has done that. Anyone who has sent you a picture of a noodle shaped as a person is my best friend. That's fantastic. Um

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