Interview With Greg Dryer


Yeah i mean for the second part of our discussion. I would be really curious to learn more about this. My move up that you developed. And i mean you are educator on your drawing on critical pedagogy and i think kind of health technology and and different apps and weather day support people to move or not. This is quite contested as well. So perhaps you start telling me a bit about the journey behind that apollo it towered became to be than what your thoughts were in in the process. Well i guess the folks who was sonny. I have nephews. Jim action but i never think. Oh my gosh you know this might insult is it. Tends to start with a line of inquiry and of inquiry was your. I've been in this field thirty odd years. Everyone in this building clue myself says that the driving forces to ensure young people are what we now are two mcadoo stat Young people into use physical activity to support life flourishing. But that might be just that you in very plain english. It would be that people participate for a long time The wise and the cit. We should participate. We touched upon and to be only a thing of arrived at a position. At the moment where i think the wise very important at the think if we're talking about meaningful engagement than it's the individual who funds that meaning as we've touched upon so to be saying to young people. You need to do this because it keeps you healthy. I think we probably shoot ourselves in the foot Started questionable one. We need to know if they saw and to. What would happen if you just. Because and just like his physical activity. We can teach you about to begin. Hopefully teach you to love it and really adopted in your life. And you don't need it because you find that because so with backdrop we've been grappling will be lives that i think the missing link is without actually know during the a a young person's schooling an uncle set against the backdrop of scored in the is applicable outside the scope Within a school. You've got peak teachers. An order of this great work. That working really hard to get kids turned onto physical inactivity yet. We do not know if they are actually do any physical activity outside vow ice shelf with at being a typically. Listen some kids might to some extra stuff that the school puts on but you know. What are they doing that junior pot. Right on a saturday do anything. Go to martial art involved in organized informal sport that i have a guy to a pock spice and enough for free speech around that i did. I swim. We don't know that and then drawing from from commerce really is i if you you know we. We started off when we started this journey around my move asking the question if apple did it. Not how many computers they were selling and let's face it. That's the very straightforward cow. If they didn't know how many downloads have i tunes would have then they would be a seriously week position in the world that we live in. Just you know that information is very very powerful. I'm wondering reasons it's powerful for me. The biggest drivers of getting up an out is to provide the feedback loop full teachers very much touches. Upon many of the things we've already covered in impart one mind. The equity now is every school using my mood for equitable sees right now. Couldn't tell you. But if i want if as a teacher i wanted to know who the beneficiaries of my program are an is there patsy this just say gender parity in other words Of the goes. I teach at a point interactivities much as the boys. An as as you pretty much every indicator every metric of activity around the world shows that always tend to be more active than goes an so if a teacher wants to know that if if

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