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And whereas duval i think can can spike higher plus. I think what what's the best we've seen out of peterson. We saw thirty six homer season. But other than that. He's really. i'm also kind of curious. I keep stumbling here something it won't you think he's gonna play every day. I just don't see that. Why would they playing against lefties. I think he signed there because they told him he would play over. Net legitimately bad against them. Yeah is and i mean i mean. It's only three hundred plate but because he just never really gotten the like the full shot to go against lefties but yeah no. It's three eighty five plate. Appearances spread out over seven seasons. Yeah but nothing in here suggests that like oh he just needs time to get it. Maybe it's just my love for john peterson. I love deaners into. But i'm just trying to be realistic. Twenty percents strikeout rate against them. I just don't think it's there. He does still have a nine percent walkway. that's good. He does maintain that. But i don't know i almost think that that kind of hurts him. i'll grant that maybe rating duval's average potential a little bit But the only really has the one ugly season. It was that two thousand eighteen when he won ninety five. That was awful but then to forty one to forty nine to sixty seven to thirty seven. I think any of those outcomes is higher than what jocks gonna give me and they deliver the same power. Gimme the guy who's got better average. So i just i think duval is an easy pick peterson but i understand pearson love i saw. I mean i think it will lead you astray on this one. Yeah i mean and you're probably right. That peterson is better to just not face lefties Lemon you look at stack has nothing you go. I really see. I could just like have a monster season if he you know jet. I'd love if somebody on that team like you know was a wasn't hitting guru in and knew how to unlock something from against i'm with you on the jock. Love a huge fan. he's great. mlb the show. There's my referenced. Him will be the show He might as his stats show. He's very popular in that community. So i love jock. But i just don't see it against lefties and i don't know that he's making a renaissance at at at age twenty nine. We'll say though that the day that says that it's like an open question still right. It's like ten years data and and all these plate appearances for to be statistically sound. I grant that. I understand that. But you can also use your. I'd look at what we've seen and it's a one ninety one to sixty six three ten in three hundred ninety bite appearances. I don't know what's going to change. But anyway i don't belabor that i i don't think it's egregious that you take jog just think duval better but i think that's where he's gonna wind up and mean in reverence the jock. The cubs did sign. Jake resnick today so that could be easily with a. But yeah with with jocks up or hayward. Yeah we did that hayward we've put it for a yard so but they also philip irvin on this team so they both to go through but hey was making five billion dollars so i think. I know that that doesn't always were a lot of times. It does place three more years. Twenty one twenty two twenty two Well cubs enjoy your twenty twenty. Two team built around jason. I mean i will say this is your twenty million. Are guy here. No but you know by war. He's been sixteen fourteen. Mary defensive player yet in his defense is still carrying and his offense has been above average the last three seasons eighteen nineteen and twenty again fifty game season for him. This plus a one thirty one last year. It was really really good hitting well now probably with a smooth back out to you know like a one zero eight one ten level over the course of a full season but hey he was playing. Well i love hayward too. I got a soft spot for him. So i've always rushing to defend him but one other moved. That just came across the wire that could have interest especially in our depth of league it's so rockies it's unbelievable They signed greg bird to mind now again. This doesn't really move the needle all that much but A he had his love. He hadn't he his proponents big time for years in new york because he showed some different flashes at times Of just excellent power legitimately you know middle of the order power Like i said in small flashes you know like it was like a playoff run one point. It was forty six games in two thousand fifteen. Now we're going all the way back to their so. I'm not putting a lot of stock in this. But he is twenty eight is going to coors and like i said because he's twenty eight the play time for them to pick him up and take Take take some time away from somebody although I thought josh fuentes was younger. I didn't know a whole lot about him until air nado is trending. He's twenty eight as well. We talked about him on sunday. Yes not there blocking some uber prospect. So what do you think bird bones. You're in the lobbies fifty rounders giving him any now. He's now the second look now. He's not on any of my can be on any of mine teams like scared. I see what you did. Our bird right see Yeah no i mean. He hasn't had a batting average above his own. Way since two thousand fifteen. So i mean his highest batting average since twenty. Fifteen is one ninety nine his highest batting average. And you're suggesting on this show that that's he's got our like he and you know maybe the babbitt adjustment you get in coors having that huge outfield helps him out like he's dead but he can't make a player i mean with like ryan mcmahon and hamson. Like you know if you needed any more proof which you shouldn't 'cause been proven many moons ago but course cannot make a buyer can help an individual season quite a bit but it cannot not make a player year in year out You know unless they have the talent to be good. Yeah i mean i just. I don't think it's ever gonna have donald. I with you a guy you monitor in the minor leagues probably not even making the opening day roster is be true probably gone down to aaa and he's crushing and aaa though i mean what are they. Are they plan now. Is it albuquerque ot think. It's i think i think it is. I don't think it's it's not springs anymore. I think colorado springs was actually dumped into like a ball because people didn't wanna play because it was so wild Yeah i think albuquerque is correct. Which is it's a launching pad in itself so yet anywhere is gonna be. I mean he's a guy you throw a few bucks on if you think he's coming up In deeper league or something like that. But i mean. I have no expectations for greg bird. Which which is consistent which where i've been on him his entire career for yet you can watch greg bird. But i wouldn't even get cute with in a fifty round. Or i don't think i don't really see..

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