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Well when i played it wasn't quite that by the time i left there was some cames after i left that were you know with the two marquee two of the greatest programmes of the day are going headtohead one more of an upstart with with their style be in miami in one would notre dame with the tradition and having their style and ended the styles contrasted so much that it just was an easy thing to create drama andrew you know using all they have to say a that to create a little drama but you know a couple of tshirts getting made and a couple of feels get hurt and you know before you know it it's it's a battle on the field off the field it it just uh it gets crazier them profits should add but it's it's the way it was how much has as the old catholics versus convicts ole conversation from eighty eight eighty nine uh how much of that has been talked about in the locker room and i don't bring it up i really don't bring it up i i don't know it doesn't it doesn't make me mad you know should make me mad but say i'm more focused on trying to get a first down the charter school in the red zone you know what i mean i don't have the time about that but uh you know the bottom line is we've got goals and we've got dreams about where we want to be and uh certainly are conference goals are taken you know a pause here because this is not a conference game but um you know it is a game that we have you know we've literally put ourselves in position to possibly get into a playoff spot is not a pipe dream this very minute uh you know some people modest it as a pipedream when the season started and quite frankly we never talked about a we talked about went in the coastal mom never won the coastal mine never played in acc championship game mommy's never won the acc okay so that's plenty to dream about and plenty to work hard towards in quite frankly it's the only thing we control we can't control whether or not we get into the top four not but uh we can control the the conference championship.

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