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And but it's only half as bright. And that little comet that it's only half as bright. I didn't even pay attention to it for 30 years. I mean, I heard it, but I didn't really think about the significance of that. But as technology has developed and people have become more fascinated with it, I realized that that brightness and I don't mean literal brightness. I mean, sort of the level of engagement that we tend to have as egocentric beings is a bright shiny object. Silver bullets is what we're looking for. And so we become attuned to or used to dealing with things on that level. That there are going to be solutions that they're going to be elegant answers, that they're going to be all kinds of things that are going to keep us engaged and moving forward. But if you think about the floodlight and the more organic process that we're really all a part of, you realize that below that field of magnified attention or I shouldn't say below, I should say encompassing all of that is the life envelope, the ecosphere, this world, each other, so many individuated centers of attention that all work together as a network, the apples on the tree. And unfortunately, this over emphasis on this mechanism detracts from our ability to appreciate that or work with that or even resonate within that. And that's where I think as a culture and certainly worldwide at this point, we really have some deep problems. Yeah, just beautifully, beautifully said. And the notion of mistaken identity, the way that, for me, how I had the concept in my mind for years. And it's interesting those types of ideas. You tend to have the idea first, and it just takes a bit of time to ripen.

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