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Good job listeners guessing. And they do they demoralize. This is a test run of. Let's just here. Let's hear the intro. The intros the best part of the of the performance today. Because longoria definitely doesn't. I guess it's more or less. More time on how many questions can you? Guess it's more or less, right? That's Joel Nelson. WSB traffic center great pipes there. So we have prizes for both of these prices. Right. Michelle and Amy since you are Guinea, pigs on this you each get a prize. What what did they wind up moving onto her Wednesday September eighteenth at state farm arena up? Yeah. I want those tickets play the game. I'm gonna be contested time. All right, Michelle, hang on the line. Hopefully, I won't hang up on you. There we go hold boom. And Amy hang on the line. Even though you didn't win. We're going to give you a prize pack. Anyway, Chuck's are going to get some info from you. Because there was more game. No, I hated. I hated my bananas. They were awful. A heads up. Looking online anything looking every information? Would you have rather have done rock singers like named the band named the rock singer for the band probably would have done better with that? I would MLS franchises ours. Major League Soccer franchise. I know. Capitals. You would have gotten out. Capital of Pennsylvania long. Chuck. Well, now you. This game. I liked the Comcast we just we might need smarter people. They answer the question. He was part of the character development that we talked about. All right. We'll come right back with more recalls. That was this or that four zero four eight seven two zero seven fifty one eight hundred WSB talk longoria who makes the forte..

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