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To swim and eat hell. That's all he did. This was supposed to be a vacation and instead it turned out to be a nightmare. Amity my ass. Thought bruce as he swam with a frigging floating on his back. It should be called calamity for all this shed. I've gone through. Was he wrong for being himself. This did not seem right. He needed to go back and demand. An explanation from the land fish is behavior a glutton for punishment. Bruce swam back to the ship. Only to find this time. One of the land fish in a cage in the water holding a spear. Oh fuck this. I'm through with being nice. Bruce thought to himself so this time purposely he attacked the cage and let the land fish think to the bottom of the ocean. See two can play that game. You wanted meet afloat. And i wanted you to sink. Not so much fun. Is it with that. Bruce swam away humming it song. Dutta datta dutta dot add that eta deta done it. A data upon looking back bruce's heart sank. What he had just done wasn't what he came there for. He came to apologize but instead he feared he made it worse. Filled with regret bruce. Turn back and to his surprise salt that the boat was sinking. Ono bruce thought. I've got to save them with that. He slammed even faster throwing himself onto the boat leading with his is yet on my back. I'll save you but instead one of the land fish kicked and screamed if he would. Just relax reese could help but no and all the kicking and screaming. The land fish slipped vary unfortunately slipped right into bruce's mouth instincts kicked in and bruce bit down out of reflex and allow the land fish. Quit kicking then. The other land fish have the nerve to throw a silver thing. Among bobber at bruce and that got lodged in his mouth to reuss was not having a good day and this apology was becoming more problematic than he had intended. He swam away this time circling the sinking boat wanting to help the land fish as it were struggling. Not to get wet. Bruce ever wanting a friend and to be understood wrote form in swam towards the fish and attempt one last apology. Bruce approached humming song. Dutta dutta datta dutt etta the as the sound friendly and approachable any left out of the water to say hello. I'm sorry tenure. Remove this thing for my mouth. But to his surprise the fish shot at him and that shot hit the silver tube lodged in his mouth causing it to explode and sadly exploded bruce as well so in conclusion. On behalf of my brother bruce. I would not recommend vacationing near amity island. If you are a shark they do not take kindly to our kind and therefore should be avoided and to the land fish. That killed my brother. I will haunt you and your family until every last one of you are dead.

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