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Abc news i'm cheri preston in political circles are still buzzing over the memo released on friday of of the house intelligence committee republicans it accuses the justice department of using biased information in obtaining the warrant against a trump campaign aide here's abc's david right outside mara longo in florida what's at issue in the memo please the request for surveillance of a single trump advisor a former foreign policy advisor carter page who was suspected by the obama administration of being a russian spy now carter page told a british newspaper that he feels the memo vindicates them he of course denies he ever was the russians by the republican memos says the justification for wiretapping page was based on information that came from a spy paid for by the democrats democrats say page was being investigated before that the whole idea many as to undermine special counsel robert moller's authorities so does it do that his mental raises no questions about the credibility of bob moller investigating the russian collusion or or other issues related to that but it can muddy the waters and put donald trump for the position of being able to for him to politically try to shortcircuit the investigation abc news political analyst matthew dowd no charges against the dad who lunged at former gymnastics doctor larry nassar father who tried to attacking larry nassar in a michigan courtroom friday is apologizing randall margaret wbz was tackled by sheriff's deputies and briefly taken into custody hargraves has three daughters who have now given victim impact statement cited to here what was statements and i have to look over a larry nassar shaking his head that's when i lost control chuck's iverson abc news alone gunman who targeted at least six foreigners and driveby shootings in an italian coastal town has been arrested the shooting spree followed the.

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